Reid: Vick Has a “Pretty Significant Concussion”, Somehow I Still Have a F$%#ing Job

OK, so only the first part of that headline actually happened.

For some reason, Andy Reid is still employed and was allowed to give his Monday press conference today. He has to do a better job, as do his players. As is tradition. The one useful bit from the walking dead presser? An update on Michael Vick. Reid said Vick probably won’t be back to practice on Wednesday (he will have to pass a series of tests before doing so) and has been told to stay home and rest. Lame Duck called the concussion “significant” and said Vick has a bad headache today. But he won’t yet be ruled out for Sunday.

So, we’ll have a week of this nonsense to serve as a distraction from the Fire Andy chatter. Perfect.

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13 Responses

  1. This means that Vick will be the starter unless something happens on Sunday to keep him out. Which also means I’m very hesitant to pick up Nick Foles as my Fantasy QB for this upcoming week against the Redskins.
    Fat Bastard give us more information!

  2. Notice that Vick didn’t slide on that play? He dove headfirst. He was bound to get hit in the head or have his head hit the ground at some point…
    There’s no coach on the team worthy of taking the interim coaching position anyway. Last game is 12/30, give Andy new years to get drunk for the first time then fire him on 1/1/2013. Time for a new era.

  3. I just hope they lose the next two straight and then some and dont end up going on some pathetic 5 game winning streak at the end of the season to somehow save the fat guys job.

  4. Vick’s concussion baseline has to be somewhere between Lenny from Mice and Men & Corky from Life Goes On. He must really be F’ed to fail a concussion test.

  5. My team will be closely monitoring how the Philadelphia Eagles handle Mr. Vick’s recovery. Lets all hope for a speedy recovery

  6. Well, of course Andy still has a job. Like it or not, Jeff Lurie won’t fire Reid in the middle of the season, so stop whining about that. As for Vick and his concussion, the season is already dead, might as well let him take his sweet time recovering while we find out if Nick Foles is a real quarterback or another bust.

  7. Can someone is good at internetting and such photoshop Andy as a sad lame duck? I think all of us, especially Kyle, would appreciate.

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