Riley Cooper Doesn’t Want to Hear Your Shit, Thinks You’re a Dumbass

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Perhaps Riley Cooper was feeling left out. Perhaps he, too, wanted to join the long line of Eagles players to take their frustrations out on the fans. Perhaps his hair got in the way of the keyboard. We just don’t know. 

What we do know, however, is that Cooper doesn’t appreciate having to read your mean-spirited Tweets: 

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A few fans responded. Cooper called them dumbasses (though in one case he was right):

Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 9.17.04 AM
Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 9.17.38 AM
Of course, this is coming from a guy who can't spell hilarious. I hate this Eagles team.

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  1. I’ve been an Eagles fan longer than this hippie-ass punk has been alive, and he’s wasting time bitching about the fans instead of prepping for the upcoming Carolina game! Seriously? I hate this team.

  2. Douchey, yes, but i see nothing wrong with what he said. I’m sure if i was on a shitty team I’d rather not have my twitter followers reminding me every 30 seconds.

  3. Riley Cooper will be cut after the new HC watches the film of all the dead weight on this team. He has beautiful hair though

  4. Is everyone aware that the guy he was responding to at the bottom really is a dumb ass? “The expression is two sense” lololololol

  5. This Eagles team and the organization have turned on the fans & city. I have never seen anything like it. I’m done with this team. Philadelphia will rank their teams as such
    1. Phillies
    2. 76ers
    3. Temple
    4. Flyers
    5. Eagles
    Its amazing how arrogant and sorry this team is.

  6. These cry baby Eagles somehow think everyone on the internet is going to listen to them. I mean, that picture above looks like Riley is about to be taken into the back for an ass pounding. Riley Cooper likes butt sex.

  7. Cooper played hard on Sunday and I wouldn’t question his effort out on the field. Some people are just real d~cks.
    Still don’t understand why any professional athlete has an open Twitter account and posts to it regularly including all kinds of photos. Just asking for grief and besides some minor ego stroking there is no personal upside.

  8. Hey Riley — we don’t want to WATCH this high school team “attempt” to play NFL football. But, we do anyway. Taking this from diehard fans in this town is part of the deal. Would you tell people to take it their Facebook status if your team’s record were reversed? I think not. Take the good with bad and vice versa. In other words, get OVER it!

  9. I’m not mad that he was talking shit on Twitter. I’m mad that he did it completely unprovoked. I think he and Jason Babin should go have a pity/buttsex party together.

  10. These Philly athletes have less self-control than children. Good Lord.
    You don’t want to catch shit? Make your twitter/facebook private. Then again that’d hurt about half of Kyle’s material – Philly Sports TMZ.
    I mean, Evan Turner told Harry fucking Mayes to “shut up” via Twitter! lol
    Children, children. Calm the fuck down with dissing the fans via twitter.

  11. Aaaaaaand now we’re down to THREE people on the team that I like.
    Coleman (for heart, not his talent)
    Please you three. Don’t say anything stupid. I’d like to at least have a couple people to route for…

  12. shouldn’t he be focusing on the next game and not worrying about tweeting. is he a chick who needs the world to know his feelings all of the time? man up and get off the twitter.

  13. Coleman has already said stupid stuff such as this is the best Eagles defense in history (ignoring the late 80’s and early 2000s apparently) and this weekend saying he and the rest of the Eagles secondary was the best in the NFL. Coleman’s a douchebag who should be cut as well.

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  15. So let me get this straight (and I use that word loosely), anytime ladies come on here and comment, Candy and Lenny flip out, call them whores, cunts, get in the kitchen, etc. I think I’m starting to understand now “guys”.

  16. “Coleman has already said stupid stuff such as this is the best Eagles defense in history (ignoring the late 80’s and early 2000s apparently)”
    And almost every other Eagles defense ever.

  17. candy, how are you free to comment during the noon hour? i thought this time of the day is the busiest hour of your work day. that said, the line must be 4-5 cars deep now! get back to manning those fryers, derelict!

  18. Riley should just lay down in the endzone for the rest of the season. It would probably be more productive than having him line up. He makes Spencer Hawes look tough.

  19. Add me to the list of people thinking this is the most unlikable Philly team ever, probably regardless of sport. (I’m hard pressed to think of one more unlikable.)
    And this comment yesterday really opened my eyes to how bad it is – the Eagles are a mere 7 points away (the total difference between winning their 3 games and losing them) from being 0-10!

  20. Guys, I did not put Flyers #2 only because there is no end in sight to the lockout. Flyers are easily #2, pushing #1 when there is hockey being played. Flyers could own this city if they were playing

  21. Actual conversing face to face will become a thing of the past and FB Twitter etc will be the norm.
    Desensitize the masses.
    no need for emotions (UNLESS YOU USE CAPS)

  22. Hey Riley get it out of your system now before you become a faceless special teams player for the rest of your career

  23. I’d like to put a cooper in his riley, if you know what i mean. Also, @matt, I’ll be faceless when its in your pants, if you know what i mean…

  24. Soooo…. the fans spend their hard earned money coming and and watching the team play and when the team sucks epic ass, the players turn to Twitter and start taking our their frustrations on the fans? Classy. I can’t remember what it feels like to actually like the players on the Eagles. Shady is just about the only one. Cut everybody else the hell off this team. Blow it up and start over.

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    Coops iz mah WHITE BRUDDA! Tell em how it iz!

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  27. Philly is a fuckin mess. The people here don’t even like their sports trams. Losers. I’m glad I live in Delaware.

  28. @ Angelo keep it short. Nobody reads your post , maybe a glance at best. Try tomorrow Goodnight

  29. My god I can’t wait until the flyers are back. Does Jeff Lurie realize he actually pays these schlubs? Insanity. This team is wretched… and I’m one of those that took the karma train out of Eagle-ville and into football purgatory when they signed Vick. They are getting what they deserve, ultimately. Unfortunately, I’ve had to sit neutral until this train of bullshit actually went through town. At least it is about to end. A fresh start is needed in almost all facets of this team. I do feel really badly for Andy. He did give a lot of good to the town, but he never should have started coaching this year because of last year. Add his son on top, and man, I don’t know how he’s focused or maintained a shred of sanity. Perhaps that’s why the team is where it is, combined with the absolute bullshit attitudes these “players” have. The running back and the water boy are about the only ones that deserve to stay. Can’t wait to see what’s in store…

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  31. The Eagles fired Rob Zeiger VP of Communications last night, we can assume the next guy’s top unofficial priority is controlling what their moron athletes post on social media

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