Scott Paterno is Devastated About Losing Twinkies in His Life

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We haven’t heard from big Scott Paterno in a little while – perhaps because he’s been stocking up for the long winter… perhaps because he’s been defending his father’s good name against a smear campaign launched by a committee of valley gnomes who’ve removed Joe’s name from their Tree of Honor – but we shouldn’t be surprised that, today, Scott Pa resurfaced to weigh in on our national tragedy, Hostess closing its doors:

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I thought about checking out what the responses were to Scott, by clicking on his Tweet, but then I learned that he blocked me on Twitter. Victory, it’s mine.

H/T to (@VometCometCapt)

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35 Responses

  1. Tread lightly… He will accuse you of creating a media frenzy that will result in the lynching of twinkies without due process

  2. Hitler’s relatives didn’t get this kind of negative publicity.
    VanillaNova football is nowhere near Penn State, so I don’t understand why you hate them so much.

  3. If Scott Paterno lived in Delco this blog would have daily posts about him…..
    …and I’d be completely okay with that.

  4. Think about it…If you were him wouldn’t you block a no name blogger that will only use his twitter to screengrab and post to his blog? Love the site but you need to take a step back and re-evaluate why you hate this family again..

  5. Not mad… Looking at it from a non-bias perspective. I can see you trashing on Jay pa because he says some stupid shit. But Scott has done nothing wrong but give his father the benefit of the doubt. Gotta say though, lynch mob mentality is definitely a real thing

  6. oh shit.. didn’t even see we had a broad posting here.
    Shannon – go do some laundry or put on nail polish. Keep the talking to the big boys

  7. @Happ and CB Gay Security (absolutley side splitting name btw), beat it and take your hate elsewhere. Candy and Lenny are single handidly keeping thi site afloat. Keep up the good work fellas.

  8. This blog has really gone downhill. I guess the person who runs it only cares about hits for his site, and not at all that his unmoderated comment threads read like a Skinhead convention.

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