Sign Man Kicked Out of Game, Eagles Blast Loud Music Presumably to Drown Out Boos

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 8.50.35 AMPhotoshop via reader Matt

The Eagles were prepared yesterday. 

The last home game, a pre-Frankenstorm loss to the Falcons, was about as low as it gets for a home team: an eery scene of rain and wind, punctuated by boos and Fire Andy chants (the F is now capitalized). It was yet another embarrassment for Jeffrey Lurie. 

So, the Eagles fought back on Sunday.

Music blared from the PA system, apparently to drown out boos. I wasn’t there, but one media person told me that was the working theory in the press box. Many in attendance noticed it too:

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 8.53.18 AM
Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 8.53.18 AM

Another action from the oppressive regime: Sign Man, who was probably about as self-controlled as a guy with the moniker Sign Man could be, told the WIP Morning Show today that he was kicked out of the game and threatened to be arrested for his display of unhappiness, which apparently included this sign:

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 9.14.08 AMPic via (@RapSheet)

We’re not sure what else sign man was doing that may have led to his removal from the stadium, so it’s entirely possible he deserved security’s attention. But, it’s also entirely possible that his removal was yet another predictable action by a touchy organization that has completely lost its customers, the fans.

What I can tell you for sure is that the Eagles are a sensitive, controlling, and out-of-touch organization that does its best to proactively block negative press and attention, and local media outlets, for the most part, roll right over for them. Not this one, though. 

Video after the jump of fans booing Eagles as they come off field. Andy Reid walks by around 1:05 mark.


42 Responses

  1. They weren’t trying to drown out the fans, they were just trying to help Babin. He can’t play well when he’s not playing well and fans remind him that he’s not playing well.

  2. I wish the eagles fan who blew up that cowboys fans car would have blown up the linc (empty)instead!!!!!!!

  3. I loved the part where the young guy in a staff shirt (probably some assistant) walked by and the guy yelled, “I don’t know you but….BOOOOOOOOOOO!” Bahahahaa! Classic.

  4. “But, it’s also entirely possible that his removal was yet another predictable action by a touchy organization that has completely lost its customers, the fans.”
    really ?? sell out after sell out after sell out
    they haven’t lost any fans (suckers)
    we all keep watching – like a train wreck
    Dream Team (8-8) + Dynasty (3-6) = rebuilding decade

  5. Seems like the Eagles orginization has turned on the fan base. Only way to show them your displeasure at this point is to stop going to the games and stop buying the merchandise. Fans were also told they would be thrown out if they wore a brown paper bag on their head………if they could only win a superbowl…..just one!

  6. Hey faggots – these restrictions and regulations are set in place AT ALL FUCKING NFL STADIUMS.
    Try and hang a sign in any stadium (positive or negative) and they’ll tell you to get rid of it. These signs do a few things:
    1 – Block the view/seats of other paying customers
    2 – If hung over the sides of the stadium, they also block Advertisements which sponsors have paid millions for.
    You won’t be thrown out for hanging a goddamn sign, but you will be thrown out for acting like a cocksucker after being told repeatedly that you are breaking the rules.
    “Signman” is most likely some unemployed prick from Prospect Park, DELCO who leaks precum whenever the Eagles lose. The man was aggressive and argued with stadium staff because he WANTED to get thrown out. He wanted to be in the papers.
    Fuck Signman. Get a job.

  7. “Signman” is most likely some unemployed prick from Prospect Park, DELCO who leaks precum whenever the Eagles lose.

  8. Hey Tim Sheckler,
    Fuck off. This is Philly son. We can hang signs. The guy at the flyers does it bc the flyers are cool. The eagles are being cry babies.
    So stop being such an asshole. You couldn’t hang in my hood.

  9. just wait till the NFL has drones flying around the Linc harrasing the tailgaters.
    Signman is protected by the 1st Amendment.
    Tim Sheckler is probably the kind of guy who got his ass beat in DELCO.
    Delco is an attitude.
    (born and raised in Sun Village, Chester Pa)

  10. Thomas… Since you’re from Prospect Park your reading comprehension isn’t up to par with the rest of America – due to this, I guess I need to reexplain what I wrote in delco terminology….
    Each sport has different rules from the field to its fans. If you have a problem with the sign bullshit, go break Roger Goddell’s balls, not the Birds.
    I know this is a time to really jump down the Eagles throats, but getting up-tight about shit like this is a lose/lose. Get mad at the quality on the field, not off the field.

  11. The season has literally gone down the drain, and everyone’s bitching about signs and the sound system? Seriously? This is all nonsense to the nth degree!

  12. My reading comprehension level in 5th grade was the equivalent of a 12 grader.
    Joe Klecko was in my study hall.
    As usual, most football fans remain on that 5th grade schoolyard.
    very confrontational.
    The Delcunts are playing Tom & Jerrys on Thanksgiving Eve LOL

  13. This season is done and over with….they need to clean house from top to bottom….there is no more passion left to this team….as soon as we get in the fourth quarter….we totally desintigrate….this team is so lost it isn’t even funny anymore!!

  14. i’d be mad if i paid all that money for a ticket and some idiot blocked my view with a massive sign

  15. I have a serious question for the people still buying Eagles tickets: why are you still buying Eagles tickets?

  16. Mr. Scott,
    Have you uncovered any additional details regarding the removal of Mr. Signman and subsequent threats to be arrested? I understand the rules and regulations of the stadium. However, whatever happened to Freedom of Speech? If you ask me, his constitutional rights have been violated by the biggest bully in this city outside of Mr. Snider. From the above picture, it is quite clear that the sign is below the faces of the individuals in the row behind the sign. As such, no one has an impeded view of the playing field. Yesterday was supposed to be a day where we all gathered and celebrated our military for giving us an opportunity to attend sporting events and other great privileges that we are so fortunate to have in this great country. Instead, the Philadelphia Eagles disgraced all that our ancestors have fought for and ejected an individual for expressing his opinion which is allowed per the Constitution. This has turned out to be an epic failure of a weekend. The Philadelphia Eagles clearly have to work on many things outside the realm of Football. It is time for us to boycott these events until they disrupt and dismantle these problems. Disgusted

  17. Morons. It is not a public space so the Constitution does not apply, even though the suckers of Philly & PA paid for the stadium and then had to pay for seat licenses to get this craptastic product. Stupid Iggles Fans

  18. First of all signman isn’t unemployed. His family has had tickets since 1958. The signman is probably the most dedicated fan out there. As far as the sign. It was put up with less than a minute left in game. The security guards came over and threatened him because they felt they could. John was not aggressive and only commented “Why do I have to take it down?” He was then threatened with an arrest and escorted out!

  19. Weezy… Working at a Gas Station on Macdade Boulevard doesn’t count as a job.
    Signman is a pathetic human being, and an embarrassment to his family’s history dating back to 1958.
    The only people who bring signs to games are 12 year old girls at concerts – not grown men at football games.

  20. Can people learn how to shoot video turn the damn Iphone on its side for a full screen image….

  21. Tim. Are you for real??? Haven’t you ever felt passionate about anything??? He was a legend in the link he had been know for at least 20 years for putting up signs! His whole family is right there with him! They back him 100% they are all loyal fans. For your information the signman is self employed and I might add a man who is also putting his daughter through college!!!!

  22. Weezy –
    Yes, I’m very real – and yes, I’m also very passionate about many things. However, I don’t act out on my passions through passive aggressive acts such as hanging signs at games.
    Why are you defending such a pathetic man such as Signman? Just because his family “stands by him at games” him doesn’t make it right. I saw Sandusky’s family by his side, and he sure as hell wasn’t doing anything right.
    Signman is everything wrong with the Eagles fan base. At a time of disarray within the team, this jackass is out there making signs trying to draw attention on himself. Shame on him.
    “He cares about the Eagles,” yet goes out of his way to put down the organization that he throws thousands of dollars in annually through tickets and merchandise purchase?
    Talk about a fool.
    Signman is a fucking piece of shit.

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