The Eagles Were the Most Talked About (Bashed) Team on SportsCenter Last Week

Screen Shot 2012-11-15 at 9.38.57 AMPhoto: ESPN

Each week, Deadspin puts together Bristolmetrics, a quantitative analysis of ESPN’s obsessions as part of Deadspin’s obsession with ESPN. Usually, the leading talking points on SportsCenter are the NFL, Tim Tebow, and LeBron James. But last week, after the Eagles got embarrassed by the Saints on Monday Night Football, on ESPN, the network spent the next few days crushing the Eagles on SportsCenter

The 11 p.m. edition of the show last week included 378.25 commercial-free minutes. 35 of them were spent on the Eagles. That’s good for 9.3% of all coverage, beating out Alabama (8.6%) and the Lakers (3.3%). 

Michael Vick was the second most mentioned sports figure (38 times) behind Andrew Luck (57). 

Here’s Deadspin’s summation of the Eagles coverage:

The circle of life in Philadelphia: The Eagles were blown out by the Saints on Monday night, so you know what that means: time to chronicle every misstep the franchise has taken over the past few years. Almost all of the 35 minutes allotted to the Eagles assumed Andy Reid would be fired, Michael Vick would never start for the team again, this is the greatest failure in the history of football, etc.

There are lots of teams that fail, but the Eagles' "dream team" narrative is a year out of date. This season's edition might be underperforming, but it's not as if this is a trendy Super Bowl pick crashing and burning. But if a team can't be hyped up, ESPN knows there's just as much juice in tearing it down.


See, this is interesting because, for years, the national media has been on Andy Reid’s side. Where the local media, specifically sports talk radio, crushed Reid, the national folks stroked him. Not anymore. The Dream Team thing is dead, replaced by Fire Andy coverage, both locally and nationally. You listening, Jeff Lurie?

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  1. The media’s job is to build you up, then if need be…they tear you down.
    If your editor’s bosses don’t like the truth ?
    then they pay you a “kill fee”….you get paid for a story that doesnt get published.

  2. Steve Mariucci once said Andy was one of the best coaches in the league and the Philly fans had no idea how lucky they were to have him in their organization.
    Steve Mariucci, you sir are a a dope.

  3. Fitting photo there of “Sal Pal” and Vick considering Sal and his boy Missanelli pretty much carry water for that over-rated, washed up joke of a quarterback.

  4. I find it very refreshing that the legions of shameless buttmunchers and asskissers in the national media have finally caught on to what we here have known for almost a decade: that Emperor Andy hasn’t had any clothes since 2004 and isn’t the great, Lombardi-like god of NFL head coaches as they were duped into believing. Now comes the really fun part, watching those sycophants who thought Andy walked on water while pissing champagne turn on him like a pack of jackals. Should be entertaining.

  5. I actually blame Tony Dungy for the Vick debacle. He decided to retire after winning a SB and then touted Vick as the second coming . . . he used his sterling reputation to wash Vick’s name & dumped him on the first opportunist he could find. Now Vick will be Reid’s undoing.
    I guess we owe Vick a debt of gratitude. He did what McNabb couldn’t. He’ll get Reid fired in 3 years time. 🙂

  6. Hey dumbasses – think back to who would have been running the show if it wasn’t for Vick?
    The dude is on Matt Cassell’s shitty level. Yea – Vick didn’t pan out to be what he thought we thought he’d be, but at least he temporarily reached that point with the birds (2010 Redskins MNF Game anyone?). Vick reached the playoffs, and we saw SOME fun and some BAD football in the process.
    Kolb would have died behind our line, and it would have looked 20x worse in the process (which I truly didn’t think could be possible)
    Reid would have been forced out with Kolb as much as he’s now being forced out becuase of Vick.

  7. Sal Pal will fuck anybody with his microphone.
    Can I help you boys with something?

  8. Vick had a string of seven good game sin 2010 because the league either forgot about him or disregarded his ability after his stint in prison and his lackluster play–when called upon–in 2009.
    Once the league took notice they shut him down, just like the league took notice and shut him down from 2005-06.
    They ran the score up on an awful Redskins defense that quit in 2010. And because of that the Eagles stupidly signed this fool to a huge deal.
    I’m glad Vick made the playoffs with the Eagles once. Once! And that game ended on a poorly under-thrown pass for an interception.
    2 playoff wins in his entire career. He’s a fraud.
    The Eagles have more weapons on offense than at any time during Reid’s tenure and last year they had a healthy offensive line and Vick was still mediocre then.
    Enough with Vick. I’m glad he’s gone. It’s embarrassing he was here in the first place.

  9. Sal Pal is the best dressed media guy in philly.
    They should play zz top “sharp dressed man” when he walks into a room

  10. I question Deadspin’s numbers:
    Rather than break down the amount of time a specific athlete or figure was covered, we counted how frequently names were mentioned in the transcripts from the week. The 15 most-mentioned sports people for Nov. 2-Nov. 8.
    Andrew Luck: 57
    Michael Vick: 38
    James Harden: 36
    Peyton Manning: 35
    Kobe Bryant: 31
    Drew Brees: 30
    Kevin Durant: 27
    A.J. McCarron: 27
    Chuck Pagano 21
    Dwight Howard: 20
    Carmelo Anthony: 19
    Collin Klein: 18
    LeBron James: 17
    Dwyane Wade: 16
    Matt Ryan: 16
    Barack Obama: 7
    Mitt Romney: 6
    No Andy Reid?? C’mon – I barely watch ESPN and I know Reied was mentioned more that 6 times on Monday Night 11/5 alone.
    If these numbers are bad – all the number are suspect

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