The Reading Phillies Are Now The “Fightin Phils”

It's official– as suspected, the Reading Phillies changed their name today to the Fightin' Phils. Their primary logo? An ostrich… fighting, of course. They will have a number of jersey and hat combinations. The hats:

Uniforms and hat combinations, and alternate logos, are after the jump.

Um, thoughts?



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  1. I think its a pretty cool idea. They keep the name of the the Phillies and to be distinguished from the Philadelphia Phillies they add Fightins. The Ostrich is a little weird but I understand the thought to make the Crazy Hot Dog Vender the mascot. I like it.

  2. My god, there needs to be hockey. When the most exciting sports news is a minor league baseball team’s uniforms, there is a problem.

  3. I am pretty sure all minor league teams are ment to have bad logos and names. The Reading Phillies are now just catching up to the trend.

  4. Wow I didn’t think it could much worse than ‘Phil E. Moose’ or whatever the fuck the Sixers came up with. I guess I was wrong…

  5. This “Reading Fightins” idea was going so well right up until the point when the photons depicting an ostrich left my monitor and hit my cornea.

  6. Does Reading really need to associate itself with fighting any more than it already is? You know, with the crime and all.
    Also, the mascot is an ostrich. A fucking ostrich.

  7. What the FUCK? I think they be the first sports team to have an ostrich as their mascot. Did someone lose a bet?

  8. Their press release was saying how much they were doing this for the children. It seems liek everyone’s following George Lucas’ prequels which have had such a profound influence on the way we market anything nowadays.

  9. Holy hell. What the, a FUCKING OSTRICH! Am I missing something other than the fact that the stupid vendor wearing the costume makes him look like he is anally raping an ostrich. Oh yes, there is the connection to A FUCKING OSTRICH.

  10. How are people not getting how great this is? Look, I have never been to a Reading Phils/Fightins/whatever game before. But from the outside looking in, this is pure genious. From everything I’ve heard about this team, it is a very quirky, fun atmosphere at the games that prides itself on putting forth a good product that is entertaining to the fan base (re: home run derby). With that in mind how can you not like this? Of course they shouldn’t be the Reading Phillies. Anyone with half a brain can see that they need there own name (or at least logo) in order to create a brand that can actually make money. No one is buying Reading Phillies hats. Why? Because they are the same as the Philadelphia Phillies hats. Also, keeping in mind the whole quirky thing, the ostrich is perfect. Why an ostrich? Why the fuck not.

  11. This makes no sense whatsoever. If something as incredibly stupid as an ostrich was decided on to be the mascot, I’d hate to imagine what had been rejected.

  12. Brian, do you know anything at all about the R-Phils? They had a different logo than the Philadelphia Phillies. And they made plenty of money before this through ticket sales and merch sales. That wasn’t the issue.

  13. minor league baseball is for kids 80 games a year then we pay attention when someone is rehabbing. spring training is when rookies matter.
    does Marlon Byrd still own the Reading Phillies season HR record? He was once the next Barry Bonds.

  14. Names fine enough. Fightin Phils, whatever it works. That Ostrich would be the stupidest damn thing I’ve ever seen, if it weren’t for those last two jerseys.

  15. Crazy Hotdog Vendor is rolling in some dough right now!
    I don’t know what it is but I really dig the new logo. Like someone said above, look at some other minor league teams and there logos. Ridiculousness takes the cake.
    I love going to Reading games, its like circus meets baseball.
    PS I run house there on the ring toss game…

  16. Sweet Jesus on the Cross! Who the fuck approved that ostrich? The organization would have better off naming the team the “Fighting Cocks,” at least they could had the tie-in with the eponymous bourbon.

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