The Sixers Website Posted Ad for “Drew Holiday” Jerseys

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 4.32.14 PM
I guess no one is buying the Andrew Buynom ones.

This screen grab from, tweeted to Adam Aron by (@m_nowak), shows a short-lived ad for Drew Holiday jerseys, which is great if you’ve ever heard of Drew Holiday. Sixers point guard Jrue Holiday must be pretty pissed about him, though. 

The Sixers Shop is run by Fanatics Inc., not the team, meaning the ad was likely made by some entry level designer who has no idea who Drew or Jrue Holiday is. Irony: Fanatics is an offshoot of locally-based GSI Commerce, which was founded by Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin, who is now the Executive Chariman of Fanatics. Small world.

via Deadspin, (@SpikeEskin)


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  1. Ah I see the problem here. The graphic designer is employed, therefore white and educated, and would never consider naming a child something stupid like Jrue, so he probably heard “Drew”.

  2. Kyle, “Drew” is short for Andrew. Jrue is a totally different name. You silly silly little man.

  3. Roy Holliday jerseys are next, followed by Quamie Browne, Justin Richardson, Damian Wilkens, Royal Ivy, Nick Thaddeus, Drew Bynum, Ivan Turner, plus these great legends: Julius Irving, Alan Iverson, Andrew Tony, Moses Milone, and my favorite–Elton Bland.
    BTW, Elton Brand was referred to as Elton BROWN in the Inkydink today. ALTON Brown is who you see on the Food Network. Can’t these scribes think of ANYTHING but FOOD? The Maverick never got any kind of respect here–I really saw him referred to as Elton BLAND in the Inkydink when he was named a co-rookie of the year back in 2000. I wish I still had that article.

  4. Stop complaining all you cracks ass queers, I’m coming over to give ur women some of my black giggle stick

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