This “Mini Movie” Says Joe Paterno was Framed, Blames Media

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This Joe Paterno video is making the rounds, especially among Penn Staters. Its premise? Paterno is a saint and could never do wrong Joe Paterno, and to an extent other Penn State administrators, were made scapegoats in the Jerry Sandusky saga because it was convenient for the school and perhaps people as high up as Governor Tom Corbett. It also focuses on the media coverage of Paterno, rather than Sandusky himself.

Most of you already have your mind made up, and I do too. But, there are still many who believe that Paterno, somehow, was completely unaware of what his right-hand man was going right under his nose. The truth? It’s probably somewhere in the middle. You can judge for yourself, though. Or just laugh at Franco Harris.

Watch the video after the jump.


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  1. All of those years that the sports media gave JoePa/PSU rankings WAY higher than deserved, the constant positive coverage of the program, hiding JoePa’s faults, and NOW there is a media conspiracy to make him a scapegoat.
    The Happy Valley Punch must be spiked with heroine because these people keep going back for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, fifth, and seixth helpings.

  2. I won’t watch the video. I know JoePa was complicit in everything that happened, including the coverup.
    That said, Corbett was involved, too. Of that I have no doubt. The media and public got their heads to put on a stick, and the underlying privileged-man-society that abuses children is still going in force. Guaran-fucking-teed.
    Hopefully Kathleen Kane investigates the shit out of Corbett and the AG’s office. There’s still fishy shit here, and while they were NOT innocent, the men charged HAVE been used as a scapegoat, a “hey look over here, we’re crucifying these guys, that’s right keep looking over here and we’ll change nothing at the core of the issue.”
    I hope every one of these motherfuckers gets taken down.

  3. The first 15 minutes of this sucks. When they get into the interviews in the last 15 minutes, it’s actually pretty convincing.

  4. Kyle give some credit to TheSchoolPhilly who posted this up yesterday. I guarentee thats where you got it from… Blogger extraordinaire stealing others finds stories.

  5. Even though Kyle removed the comments from the new tshirt thread I’d just like to point out again just how fucking gay that shirt is.

  6. the video was also on, philly mag, and all over twitter today. which you like me to cite every single person who’s watched it too?

  7. Candy,
    Chicken fried steak in country gravy on a lard cooked biscuit= Scott Pa breakfast……
    or cheerios.

  8. I quit at 1 minute – Sandusky was NOT acquitted in the shower boy case – the specific charge dealing with anal penetration was dropped because McQuery could not state that he saw actual penetration. Sandusky was still found guilty of other charges related to that boy.
    This is the same BULLSHIT line Spanier had in his statement.

  9. I hope a very large root grows right up Joe Pa’s crusty, dead asshole and splits it open in his grave.
    I also hope Sandusky gets his dick caught in his jail cell door while it closes on it, severing it forever.
    I also hope Jack Daniels becomes as cheap as gasoline so I can run it in my car and drink it at the same time.
    I also hope Sandusky’s ass is turned inside out in prison.
    I only hope for good things sons. Only good things.

  10. People keep saying stuff about Sandusky’s asshole and prison. Hello? Don’t you think he would love to get shower dicked? I think he would.

  11. I better get a discount on that Berlin Giroux shirt, its missing 5 letters on the back. I, R, O, U, X. Nah, fuck that.. that shirts gay as fuck

  12. @Adebisi – I’m not sure if there’s any evidence seuggesting that Sandusky enjoys being on the recieving end. Regardless, the fact that he loves little boys assholes doesn’t make it any more likely he would enjoy it himself.

  13. Yes, please cite everyone that has watched it, clicked on this god awful “news article” and laughed at your flawless self-promotion.
    They posted it yesterday before all of your “sources” did. Normally your more than willing to H/T, guess that TV deal for Great Sports Debate got to your head.

  14. Kyle
    Why don’t you address why you removed the comments from the shirt post. Rather than get useful feedback for the shirt company, you censor because you only care about your precious sponsors. Also you hate on mcnabb, yet everyone should see him to get his autograph because you advertise him.

  15. Because I run a website for a living and I can’t think of one other medium that allows readers or consumers to publicly criticize their advertisers, and I’m certainly not going to be the first. If you want me to come to your place of work and rip you in front of your boss, let me know. I run a fucking business and don’t try to pretend those aren’t ads. If you don’t like something? Don’t buy it. But stop whining about.

  16. Haha. I love it when kyle goes on a rant. Such a hypocrite
    You cant whine abiut his ads yet he has whined about jack in the box ads, nationals buy one get one free ads, and comcast putting ads on the glass during hockey games.

  17. Kyle has to admit, that shirt is awful. He can’t say it but we know he’s thinking it

  18. Kyle is right. Nothing but whining going on here, I guess because it’s the trendy thing to do on Crossing Broad. Everything he posts gets nitpicked. Also, @Carl, it’s pretty much impossible not to come off as hypocritical at time when your words are scrutinized so much, but I get your point.

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