Two More Reasons to Laugh at the Eagles

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Perfect! One for each side of the ball.

Let’s start with Michael Vick. The folks at Pro Football Focus, one of those websites with a focus on stats that really no one other than coaches should care about, did give us one little nugget to show how pathetic and generally terrible Michael Vick is at the quarterback position: he’s second in the league in “time to throw,” at 3.12 seconds. Only rookie Russell Wilson takes longer– 3.14 seconds. Vick also leads the league in drop backs (thanks, Andy), with 366. So, I got my math on: 3.12 times 366 equals 1,141 seconds, or, 19:03. Vick has spent over 19 minutes standing or running (“time to throw” counts until throw, sack, or scramble) in no man’s land. Tom Brady, who has a league-best 2.49 triple-t? 13:90. That’s right, Michael Vick has spent more than five minutes longer looking to make a pass than Tom Brady, in just the first eight weeks of the season, and that’s with perhaps the worst offensive line in the history of the history of the history of football! How Vick isn’t dead is beyond me.

Turning over to the defense, something Vick does as quickly and jarringly as I just did: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had some interesting things to say today about how his peers around the league feel about the Philadelphia Eagles. Let’s hear those things! From

Eagles cornerback Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie said the word around the league on the Birds' defense is “y’all guys are talented, but y’all don’t wanna hit nobody.”

Rodgers-Cromartie says the defense has to go out and show the “want to” to disprove that notion. “Until you fix it, it’s always going to show itself,” he said. “Everybody looks at us as a ‘pretty’ defense that don’t wanna be physical. We gotta go out and make a name for ourselves.” 


Yeah, people around the league think the Eagles are a bunch of pussies. I hate this team.

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  1. I actually don’t watch football much but if you have a shitty O-line wouldn’t that make the QB more likely to drop back bc he is trying to distance himself from someone breaking through? in addition to the fact that vick is just a fucking idiot, that is

  2. I think the Eagles scrap by with a W somehow this week, which pisses me off since I want Andy the hell out of my city asap. Just a gut feeling.

  3. DRCs gotta lotta balls talking about hitting! He shied away from contact on more than one occassion Monday night against the Aints.

  4. @Rob Grabel you are an idiot, but dont feel bad because you are not alone. Eagles fans pride themselves on being so tough and intelligent yet they whine like little girls and have no idea what they are talking about.
    How can you look at that stat and say “Andy’s fault, he likes the HR pass”. Do you notice other QB’s at the line of scrimmage? Do you notice how slow white guys like Eli and Brady, never get hit? He has no idea where to go with the ball and no clue what the defense is doing to him. NFL defenses are so complex you cannot have a QB that makes decisions at the line.

  5. @Headone…exactly what I was gonna say…especially on that one run by Ingram up the middle Drc straight looked like a pussy on that play

  6. @Snow Balls at Santa – “NFL defenses are so complex you cannot have a QB that makes decisions at the line.” Huh…I guess you’ve never heard of Peyton Manning? The guys made a career out of making decisions at the line and will go down as one of the all-time greats. Having a QB that can look at a defense and know what’s coming is a good thing, unfortunately Vick is never going to be that kind of QB.
    Bottom line is Vick sucks. He holds on to the ball too long and always has, even when he was not being a good QB in Atlanta. Is it all his fault? No. The line has been shit since week 1 and the play calling hasn’t helped him out at all. Time to blow this whole thing up, it’s over. Worst experiment ever.

  7. Hey snow balls from santas sweaty, yellow, pulsing anus. Id like to see you line up against the worst D in the league and see how many monster dicks you can fit in your wrinkled, festering asshole and that sewage hole you call a mouth. I hope they butt fuck you so hard, that their massive, veiny, rock hard 19 inch penises go up your ass and out your throat. Before they do it, I hope they lube their dicks with rat poison so as to leave a nice minty flavor in your fuckin ass. It’ll be just like when I anally penetrate diarRHEA HUGHES, except I use pigeon shit for lube and I usually shoot pure Colombian heroin directly into my urethra. That makes my semen crystallize inside my 1.5 centimeter boner and my disgusting penis swells up and get stuck in her tuna cunt. Fuck he world. SANTORUM/LIMBAUGH 2012 YOU PATHETIC SHIT BAGS!

  8. It’s not fucking funny you dumb fuckstick!!! How the fuck is looking at the weakest team in the NFL in fucking Eagles uniforms something to fucking laugh at??? Whip out your micro penis needle dick, that’s funny. That’s something to laugh about. Now get mommy a stiff drink.

  9. @ Pat Mullen
    Peyton Manning
    Matt Ryan
    Who on this list are you putting Vick in front of even with a better OL?
    And in another year or even after this year Luck will be included on this list. So Vick is maybe a top 10 QB with a better OL. But no, not a top 5 guy.

  10. James, lets go to the movies together and do the hibbity dibbity if you know what i mean…..

  11. This is a fucking horseshit post and not fair unless you know what this stat actually means…
    “Time to Throw” Definition – The time from when the ball is snapped to the point where the quarterback has either thrown a pass or has been sacked/scrambled past the line of scrimmage.
    Your “Time to throw” is going to increase if you’re a scrambler with a shitty line.
    Your O-Line breaks down? Roll out right/left. Anytime the pocket breaks Vick BUYS himself more time. That time in turn adds to this stat specifically for Vick. He’s doing himself a FAVOR by being at the top of this stat.
    Hell, even a roll out scripted scramble or run will take 3 – 4 seconds to cross the line of scrimmage.
    Fuck this stupid one sided article

  12. @Snow Balls at Santa – hey dipshit, get some reading comprehension skills and try not to fly off the handle at simple statements of truth which you happen to misunderstand.

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