UniDiction 2012 – Week 10 – Eagles vs. Cowboys

Quick PSA: the Eagles game starts at 4:25 on Sunday.


Well, the actual football team might not be showing signs of life on the field, but someone in the Eagles front office decided to show a little creativity last week, putting the team in their normally pre-season exclusive all-white set as they played the Saints in their monochrome black combination. I regularly complain about the white jersey/green pants combination, so consider this me giving proper credit to whomever decided to ditch the green pants last week. Lots more uniform info after the jump…

The Eagles are playing the Cowboys this week, so don't expect any uniform surprises. In prior years, the Eagles have chosen to wear their white jerseys at home to force the Cowboys into their "cursed" blue jerseys, but based on Eagles Gameday, but nothing like that this year. The Cowboys have uniforms that don't have much to complain about, but there are some internal inconsistencies that hurt (black stroke on the stripes, woefully mismatched silver shades), and they're, you know, the Cowboys. (I'll ignore the fact that the Cowboys are having the type of season the Eagles are also having….)


Due to the Monday game, I covered the week 9 uniform round-up in last week's article, but it can be summed up in the picture above. Steelers week 8 throwback hang-over, Redskins in neat throwbacks with a very convincing leather-look helmet, and Jaguars in monochrome black for the first time in their current (2009+) uniform set (which also showed up in their week 10 Thursday night game).

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Cowboys white jersey vs. blue jersey comparison (click to enlarge):


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