Head_1Eagles vs. Panthers this week. Not too much uniform-wise going on last week, and no big stories going into Monday night's game, as the Eagles and Panthers continue the streak of…compelling (read:godawful) Monday night and Thursday night match-ups in the NFL this season.

Long story short, the Panthers and Eagles have uniforms which have gone generally untouched since the mid-9os ('95 for the Panthers, '96 for the Eagles). The Eagles' has aged better, but only marginally. The Panthers have one of the worst in the league. Their blue over silver combination is the best, but we won't be seeing it on Monday as the Eagles host in green. Maybe the Panthers would be doing something crazy like wearing their new-for-2012 black pants with the white jerseys, but there's a slim chance of that happening. Interestingly, the owner of the Panthers has said he is a "traditionalist" and that the Panthers won't be changing their uniforms in his lifetime. Ah, to think every tradition is a good tradition…

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