Video: Bradley Cooper’s Uncle Ernie Helped Robert De Niro Nail Down His Philly Accent in “Silver Linings Playbook”

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I swear Bradley Cooper is trying to flip me. Funny, nice hair, Eagles fan… now this: Coop (pet name) was on Letterman last night talking about his new movie, Silver Linings Playbook, which debuts next week. And as you probably already know, the movie was filmed mostly in the Philly area (Delco) and features Robert De Niro as Cooper’s Eagles-obsessed father. Cooper explained to Letterman how Bobby D picked up his Philly accent for the movie:

My uncle, who is a heating and air conditioning repairman– I had my family all over when we were shooting the movie. Robert De Niro said, “Bradley, can I have your uncle read my lines?” I thought, “oh my God.” So, we’re in a hotel room. My Uncle Ernie is sitting there on a couch, Robert De Niro is next to him, [reading his lines]. They went through the whole script, the entire script. At one point, I literally could not stop laughing. My uncle is a tough guy, hands like catcher’s mitts, and he’s getting it from both sides [De Niro and director]. The Philadelphia mentality… when we walked out, my uncle goes, “We’ll see if he does it as good.”


Awesome. But you’d think maybe Coop could throw some money Uncle Ernie’s way? Dude’s slaving around the HVAC industry while his nephew is on late night talk shows being ridiculously good-looking. Sad, man.

Video after the jump.


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  1. Saw a screening of ‘Silver Linings’ last night. Mikey Miss was sitting directly behind me, Eskin in the row in front of me. It’s a great movie. Very funny with the right touch of Eagles mixed in. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Bradley Cooper isn’t from philly, but pretends his is like the delco trash and south nj trash. i will however see the movie once it’s bootleg

  3. bradley cooper grew up in the rittenhouse square area fuck are u talkin about whoever posted last comment

  4. I hated de Niro ever since he sold out & did pussy movies like meet the parents & any given Sunday

  5. This is my last comment ever on this website as having read the comments prior to mine has now made me so fucking retarded that I won’t be able to turn my laptop on tomorrow morning, assuming that is that I don’t somehow choke myself to death while I am brushing my teeth.

  6. I’m pretty sure he’s from Jenkintown. It’s the Philadelphia area…can’t we all get along?!

  7. Anyone else catch that horrible piece of shit llanarch diner in the previews? The fucking llanarch diner?

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