Video: Giants Teammates Give Their Impressions of Hunter Pence’s Pre-Game Speeches

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This year, I’m thankful for #dickpunch.

From what appears to be the credits of the Giants World Series DVD, this is video of World Champion Hunter Pence, wearing a Waffle House hat, watching his teammates give their impressions of his Postseason pre-game sermons. You know, the ones that he didn’t give in Philly. Those. Apparently they were about wanting to see teammates one more time, love, and Ryan Theriot’s wardrobe.

Video after the jump.

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11 Responses

  1. .219 batting average, .287 OBP, 60 K’s (in 59 games) with the Giants in the regular season.
    a whopping .210 post season average and 4 whole RBIs this postseason for the Giants.
    but man those sermons…. that’s what we need…..

  2. Kyle I’m usually with you on most of your stuff, but everyone needs to lay off Pence. Yeah, the guy was incredibly overrated, but he gave it his all for us. He never trashed Philly. He didn’t choose to leave. I’m happy for him that he got a ring, even if his only real contribution was pregame speeches.

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