Video: Nnamdi Asomugha Searches for the Real Nigerian Prince

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When Nnamdi Asomugha is not not making tackles… he’s starring in ridiculous viral videos.

Funny Or Die’s latest jam features Nnamdi, who is of Nigerian descent, as an interweb crime fighter searching for the real Nigerian Prince– you know, the guy who won’t stop emailing you. Perhaps Nnamdi had better luck finding the prince than he’s had locating primary receivers from around the NFL? Find out, after the jump.

H/T to (@mikemccaney)


12 Responses

  1. Dear god, this is horrible.
    It reminds me of that scene in Major League 2 where Not-Weslie Snipes, Willie Mays Hayes stars in that horrible action flick with Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura.
    Yeah I know, it’s sad that I watched Major League 2, but you get the point.
    Fuck this team.

  2. So my friend and I have this theory:
    Asomugha was never any good at his job. Like Madden rating 80 at best. However, playing in Oakland for as long as he did, he started looking like Champ Bailey compared to all the sloths in Raiders uniforms.
    Also, not funny.

  3. So, we’ve got Nnamdi channeling his inner Ed Green (Google Law & Order) instead of practicing to tackle better in games. Seriously?
    I also hate this team.

  4. shouldn’t he be practicing? you lose 5 in a row and you’re out making viral videos? good thing we didn’t overpay for him. oh wait…

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