Video: The Eagles’ Splash Cartoon Basically Begs You to Continue Being a Fan

In a sign of how bad things have gotten, the Eagles splash cartoon on their website features a token black guy and Dave Spadaro.


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  1. this is potentially the saddest thing i’ve ever seen.
    i’m embarrassed even further by this team, and i’m not even a huge football fan.

  2. Ummm yeah I’m not one to toss the racist word around a lot LOL but that is just about as racist as you can get … “erbody”

  3. This is so sad… If Andy held a press conference for the release of this video he would definitely say “We gotta do a better job”.

  4. I suppose showing people the consequences of fucking around with a video camera while riding a motorcycle without a helmet would be too much to ask.

  5. The problem with this video is that the blacks in this city, 80% of them root for the Eagles. god I hate west and north philly blacks.

  6. Disappointed Kyle didn’t post anything about the Boloris shitting himself story

  7. That video is racist. I would be highly offended if I was an African American.
    God damm that organization is a mess

  8. honestly, i think i can say with about 94% certainty that dave spadaro (not one of havertowns finer residents) produces these videos and that the image he’s concocted of himself blaring down 95 on a chopper with his trusty flip cam

  9. Dave doesn’t do the videos, they have an independent company doing them. They still suck, but Dave has very little if anything to do with it

  10. That video seriously made me reconsider my lifelong fanhood, and I’m pretty sure I would say the same thing if they were 6-3.

  11. What in the blue hell was that about??? Worst I have seen in a long time. Why do they do these stupid cartoons?

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