Video: “We Are Never Ever Gonna Win With Andy”

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We posted this earlier, but here it is again: Casey Conklin's Taylor Swift parody, We Are Never Ever Gonna Win With Andy.


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  1. Casey Conklin is a wet salty cunt…I hope her dad kills her with an axe and rapes her fucking corpse…after that, we can cut joes penis off and feed it to RHEA HUGHES. Her diet is a healthy mix of chewy scrotal skin and dead ferret, so a nice small penis will be a treat for her. Then I’ll chew off her wrinkled infected cunt and perform cunnilingus in the gaping wound where her nasty hairy cunt used to be. Fuck you people. Santorum/Bachmann 2016

  2. Joe Conklin is a douche-chill inducing noodle. I completely agree with the message, but what a huge waste of time writing/producing this. Corny.

  3. So glad that Kyle is turning his site into an extension of Angelo and the moron team. That show is horrible and impossible to listen to and now this site seems to be going the same way. Used to really enjoy reading the posts on here, those days are fading fast….

  4. I’m confused. Why aren’t people talking about performing sex acts with and/or slapping this girl back into the kitchen?

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