Yeah, Ruben Amaro Checked in on Josh Hamilton

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Fuck B.J. Upton rumors. This is more Ruben Amaro’s speed. That’s not to say I agree with it, but let’s kick this tire: Bow-tie man Ken Rosenthal checks in with his first Phillies-related hot stove report of the winter. This one, predictable:

They want a center fielder, and their preference is thought to be B.J. Upton. But the Phillies also are pursuing Cody Ross and other outfielders, and GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said, “We’re keeping all of our options open.”

Hamilton would appear to be a stretch, both from a financial and baseball perspective. But two industry sources say the Phillies are quietly checking on him. While their background work might only be due diligence, Amaro loves to make a splash, loves to surprise.

The fit isn’t great; the Phils frankly need a right-handed hitter more than another left-handed one. On the other hand, Hamilton had an .853 OPS against lefties last season. Upton, a right-handed hitter, was at .792.

The final word: Phillies general partner David Montgomery is probably too image-conscious to seriously consider Hamilton, and the team already has $135.6 million committed for next season, according to Cot’s Baseball Contracts.



Not really. Josh Hamilton facts: He’s 31 and is going to command a substantial, roughly seven-year, $175 million deal. He nearly ruined his career and life with drugs and alcohol and, as a result, may be in better (less miles), or worse (more tracks), shape than other 31-year-old baseball players. He’s had two relapses even after his 2008 breakout performance at the Home Run Derby. He’s missed at least a month of a baseball in three of the past four seasons.

I know he’s the big, sexy name, and perhaps for a year, or two, would make the Phillies legitimate contenders again. But too risky. I would have been all for signing him in 2010. Not now, not after what I saw last season. The Phillies are old, need change. Cole Hamels is really the only guy you can count on for the next five years. Everyone else is a question mark after two, at best. Signing Hamilton only makes the Phillies older, more burdened by massive contracts. If two of the following three applied, then maybe I would be more into the Phillies going after him: 1) he was 29 or younger, 2) he wasn’t a risk to piss his life and career away by suffering yet another relapse, and 3) his durability wasn’t a question, both because he’s missed time with injury and because there isn’t a large sample size of baseball players in their mid and late-30s who were once heavy drug users. 

Also, because of his religion and substance abuse problems, respectively, doesn't sign autographs on Sundays and can't celebrate with champagne. No one wants that.


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  1. PUBEn needs to kick the tires on any and all available players. These analysts just need something to print so they will report any fart in the wind. There is a 0% chance the Phillies actually make a realistic attempt to sign Hamilton.

  2. Sign him to a 4 year $20 million dollar contract and a signing bonus of a Kensington crack den with a methamphetamine lab in the basement.

  3. If Amaro is going to spend big money on any outfielder, Hamilton is the one. Period.
    Do not waste big money on Upton. We already have that guy – Dom Brown.
    Ruf is going to be huge in 2013.

  4. Other than Miguel Cabrera, Hamilton is the best hitter in baseball. I would love to see him in a Phillies uniform, but there is no way they will be able to afford him.

  5. Also, what in the blue hell happened to Michael Bourn? Fuck BJ Upton, if we’re going to sign him we might as well just bring Shane back on the cheap.

  6. Hamilton, while a fun dude to party down with I’m sure, is probably not a good idea for any team. He’s going to cost more than he’s worth.
    Unless it’s for a good time, stay away from this knucklehead.

  7. “I got two rules guys… fuckn sniff coke, fuck, crack, Ron Washingtons asshole YEAHHHHHH and i forget the other one”

  8. If I have to hear/read the phrase “but Amaro loves to make a splash” one more time I’m gonna lose my shit.

  9. I’d rather take BJ Upton and his Jimmy Rollins attitude

  10. Regarding Josh Hamilton, let me sum up my feelings on the matter with these three words:
    JUST. SAY. NO.

  11. I blame Jim Rome for allowing sports fans to think they are funny. Candy gave me a chuckle though

  12. Saw on ESPN minutes ago that Texas will only give him 3 years.
    Nolan Ryan was pissed he went cold-turkey from dip during the season & he thought that contributed to his slump. I doubt he signs back there.
    Where would the Nats get the money to sign him? They can’t even get their “fans” to attend playoff games.
    If it’s just a 3 or 4 year deal then it makes sense for the Phillies to jump in. Trade the nose to Tampa Bay and eat some money.

  13. @Homer’s Gun
    yes the Ray’s of all teams are going to take Howard’s contract…
    Tx will only give him 3, the Yanks or Dodgers will give him at least 5 years with big bucks because money aint no thang to either of them, so the phillies are out.

  14. Also @boom the Yankees aren’t going to sign him – cano and granderson are in contract years & they’re trying to get under the luxury tax. Dodgers have Crawford, Kemp, Either in the OF all signed long-term and Adrian Gonzalez at 1B where are they going to play him? DH? DURP! Dumbass.
    Also I said eat some of Howard’s contract.

  15. @Homer’sGun I have a job, your mom pays me well to lay my mexican steel pipe on her cobwebbed pussy

  16. boom, i’ll show you some long balls. want to go to the movies with me? If you know what i mean…

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