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You’ve asked for it, and we’re delivering. The triumphant return of the Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack. Six topics, complete nonsense, and usually a few dick jokes. Plus your feedback. This week: over-under on games Andrew Bynum plays, Hostess closing down, the iPad mini, Villanova basketball, is Jennifer Lawerence hot?, and winter brews.



Sixers tickets are currently going for $1.90 on StubHub ($5 on Crossing Broad Tickets, because we factor in convenience charges). Why? Well, the Sixers are already underperforming. The competition isn’t a big draw. Injuries and, by extension, market saturation.

When the Sixers lied to fans about Andrew Bynum’s knee troubles – saying he would miss only three weeks, and then that he wouldn't play until he’s pain free – they likely caused many folks to pick up tickets for games in November and December with the assumption that Bynum would be healthy by then. He’s not though, and he won’t be for another month. So that, coupled with a disappointing, lethargic, and kind of annoying start for the Sixers, means there are a lot of tickets in the market and few people who actually want to buy them. The result? $2 tickets on a Friday night. Proud.

I have the over-under set at 32 for number of games Bynum plays this year. And I’m taking the under. You?

Hostess going out of business

Twinkies suck. There, I said it. They’re greasy, cream-filled shits that don’t hold a candle to Tastykake products. I’m not saying that because Tastykake is a local company. Or because I want them to advertise here. No, no. They’re just better, more fresh (perhaps because they’re local), and come in a wider variety to accompany all discerning palates. Hostess products always look (looked?) good, but then by the time you get finished, you want to kill yourself. That, or hang on for a wild ride of sugar induced hysteria that will undoubtedly ruin the rest of your day. Good riddance, I say. 


iPad mini

I picked up an iPad mini with LTE today. I’ll save you the story about how I spent an unhealthy amount of time checking tech websites and blogs this week to see when the LTE models would go on-sale (only to finally get answer when I briefly woke up at 4 a.m. this morning, checked my phone, and saw that they would be in stores today), an obsession that actually paid off when I secured one of only four the Apple store in Suburban Square got in today because I lined up at 9:30 a.m. with 20 Chinese people who were waiting for iPhone 5s. I’ll save you that story. And my ensuing self-stroking. But I got one. Sold my 3rd gen Retina to do so. Why, you ask? I wasn’t planning on it. I figured the mini would be a stripped down model to appeal to low-end consumers and compete with Android. And largely, that’s what it is. But then the reviews started coming out and, save for the step backward in screen resolution, the mini was hailed by some as the best iPad yet. I picked one up (in hands) in Best Buy two weeks ago and was immediately sold. The old iPad felt heavy and cumbersome compared to the mini, which is insanely thin and light, and makes reading, playing games, typing, and carrying much easier. I haven’t given it the shitter test yet (where I sit on the toilet for 30 minutes, holding it in one hand, seeing if my arm goes numb), but I suspect it will pass. The screen is noticeably worse than the Retina, but it’s still plenty good and is just fine since every device we used before last year didn’t have a super high-end display with a fancy marketing slogan. And the size of the device, I’m guessing, will more than make up for it in the long run.


I’m irrationally excited about Villanova this year and I have no idea how to spell the point guard’s name. Arcosdhosdfoiokooiovococoo? That is all.


Jennifer Lawrence

I just realized that Jennifer Lawrence, who is starring in Silver Linings Playbook, is the chick from The Hunger Games. I had no idea. She looks so damn different and… hot. 

In The Hunger Games, she played a 16-year-old named Katniss, who shot a bow and arrow. What there was in sexiness was blocked out by feelings of pedophilia and awkwardness. Then I found out Lawrence is in her 20s and, um, this:

Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 2.57.46 PM

I don’t even have a question here. She's just the answer.


Winter brews

Finally, we’re planning a winter beer fest with our friends from Drinker’s. We’ll have more details soon. In the mean time, looking for suggestions for winter brews, both for that and for personal suggestions. In the comments, please.


24 Responses

  1. Jennifer Lawrence… BOOM! This picture ALMOST makes up for the lack of judgment in posting the pics of Queen Dunlap’s daughter.

  2. Great divide hibernation ale. Sly fox christmas,great lakes christmas, and thirsty dog 12 dogs of christmas. If you can find the anchor steam chrsitmas it is great.

  3. How fucking tall is Jennifer Lawrence…8’6″. she looks like Andre the Giant

  4. I went to high school with the nova point guard and everyone just called him ryan arch.. figured id help ya out instead of having to spell Arcidiacono

  5. EPIC LOL at the 1% asshole-votes for Hostess and at ALL the asshole-votes for iDevices (aka Apple-fanboi iShit).

  6. Second that Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale vote. Excellent really hoppy IPA with some winter kick. ABV just right @ 6.8%.

  7. Just heard on KYW that Bynum is now having trouble with his left knee. I’m starting to think he’ll NEVER play a minute for the Sixers.

  8. Holy shit Kyle, you made it through an entire post where you mentioned Silver Linings Playbook without slobbering all over Bradley Cooper’s dong. Congrats, man.

  9. Also, I’d probably give Jennifer Lawrence a winter’s bone if I were really bored…

  10. Flying Dog Cujo Coffee Stout
    Try The Fear by FD if you can find it’s a fall-ish seasonal.
    Sierra Nevada has a limited release Narwahl Imperial Stout. Not strictly Winter, either.
    Newcastle Winter IPA.
    Shiner Holiday Cheer.
    Mike’s Hard Blackberry-surprisingly good.
    Can we call Bynum the Black Jeff Ruland yet?
    Or Ruland the White Bynum?

  11. Was at the Bathtub Beer Festival at the Constitution Center the other day. The highlight of the night for me was the Coffee Oatmeal Brown by Free Will.

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