Andy Reid Releases Statement on Garrett Reid Finding

Andy Reid released on a statement about the news that his son, Garrett, had 19 vials of steroids in his dorm room at Lehigh University when he died. 

That statement, via everywhere:

As you all know, my son Garrett battled addiction for many years. While there were some victories along the way, it ultimately was a battle that he lost and that cost him his life. Our family feels the pain of that loss every day.

Today’s report saddens me greatly, but only confirms the troubles Garrett encountered in the final years of his life. As parents, we were encouraged by his apparent progress but, like many addicts, he was able to conceal the signs of relapse.

Jeffrey Lurie, the Eagles organization and the people of Philadelphia have been remarkably supportive of my family throughout our ordeal. I am confident that my son’s decisions did not affect our football team in any way. I cannot apologize enough for any adverse appearances that my son’s actions may have for an organization and a community that has been nothing but supportive of our family.


That last part, of course, addresses the conclusion that one might draw from an unofficial assistant strength coach of an NFL football team having 19 vials of steroids and 46 syringes at training camp.


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  1. Kyle, these ads are getting outrageous *cough*. The whole website just looks too busy now *ahem*. I really need to put you in a better position to win *heavy breathing*.

  2. nfl players are drug tested constantly…garrett was an out of shape kid who was given a chance to be an assistant strength and conditioning coach because his dad is the bmoc. most likely he was taking shortcuts to get himself into shape, not shoot up the team…

  3. I know for a fact garrett supplied to team with roids and adderall .. Nice eagles do not do background checkes on its employees

  4. Big Red you have our deepest sympathies with everything you and your family have gone through and you truly will be appreciated in your next city and thankfully you won’t have to put up with these ignorant Philadelphia fans.

  5. Some people say these things if is the illegal possession, then it will be easy to call back the soul, and can provoke the soul of Nepal or Tibet. So be careful about that.

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