Babin: Andy Reid Removed Refrigerator, Coffee Machine from Defensive Line Room at NovaCare Complex

The football team in Philadelphia!

Here’s a strange bit of tid from Ryan O’Halloran (an Italian!) of Jason Babin was surprised to learn about Jim Washburn being fired. He then told reportes that Andy Reid removed the refrigerator and coffee maker from the defensive line room (office?) during the Eagles' bye week.

There's a necessary assumption here that Reid was just really hungry and wanted needed another fridge for himself. But I’d love to hear more about Reid removing modern conveniences from the offices of coaches he disdains. Or, perhaps just removing Marty Mornhinweg from his office, permanently.

I hate this team.

UPDATE: Babin's full quote, via Rob Maaddi (@RobMaaddi) of the AP:  “Coach Reid got rid of our refrigerator and our coffee maker in our room. So I could tell there was some feelings between Coach and Wash that were on the surface. You could kind of feel the tension a little bit. I mean, get rid of a guy's refrigerator and coffee maker?”

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  1. He needed the fridge to hide in ala Indiana Jones for when Lurie finally grows a pair and goes nuclear

  2. Reid removed a fridge and coffee machine? Seriously? Sounds like a parent taking away a child’s Playstation as punishment for a bad grade at school. The more I hear of this ongoing clusterfuck with the Eagles, the more disgusted I become.

  3. Rumor is it was taken out due to the players using it as a clubhouse and just hanging out…aka Babin acting like he’s better then everyone and not doing what he was told.
    Babin is a little bitch and needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

  4. THIS is why….I hate this team….
    Lurie wants to be Kraft.
    Lurie is not Kraft.
    Lurie makes all the moves on this team.
    Reid did not like Wash.
    Lurie liked Wash (well, he needed to decide who he liked better…Reid or Wash).
    Reid (like a twat) tries to make Wash leave.
    Reid loses.
    Wash kicks the can…

  5. This eagles team is
    Loss of a dream team
    Loss of a Super Bowl
    Loss of a love
    Loss of a path

  6. They make millions and millions of dollars. They couldn’t buy another coffee machine? HAHAHAHAHA, pro athletes really are like kids. They never have to work, take responsibility or grow up…….Im jealous, but at the same time I’m glad I was able to become a man.

  7. Companies send their management to seminars like “Fear and Motivation”
    In Brian Westbrook’s last year he said ” These young guys aren’t motivated; I call them the XBox Generation”
    Jerry Kramer said ” Coach Lombardi treated us all the same…like shit”

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