Bird Droppings: Gosh, They Won a Game!

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Even if you hate Andy Reid as a coach. Even if you hate the 2012 Eagles as they’re currently constructed. Even if you can’t stand the smug, status quo, we know better than you organization. Even if all those things, and even if you were half paying attention yesterday as the 3-9 Eagles played in Tampa, it still had to feel good when Nick Foles tossed the game-winning touchdown to Jeremy Maclin with no time remaining on the clock.

TINA, EAT THE FOOD!, I screamed as Foles, in all his Napolean Dyanmitian glory, finished off a last-minute drive sans timeouts, a feat we have rarely seen accomplished in the Andy Reid era. 

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You couldn’t help but feel good for Reid as he fat guy hugged Duce Staley…

Reid_staleyGif via (@dhm)

… and Howard Mudd…

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… and high-fived Christina Lurie… 

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… but, don’t tell me that a part of you didn’t worry that the Eagles are now going to win three of their last four (yesterday included) and the other Lurie will have “seen enough” to keep Reid around for another year, chalking up the #dickpunch that was the 2012 season to bad seeds like Jason Babin and Jim Washburn.

Don’t tell me you didn’t worry about that, because I did.

Anyway, fat guy hugs included, it was nice to watch an entertaining football game. Even better to see a win. Even better when All-State Jason Avant made this catch:

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And the best when Foles did his entire, seemingly 20-minute long, post-game presser in full uniform like a little kid eating orange slices while still wearing his helmet and batting gloves after hitting a game-winning inside-the-park home run.

You have to give Reid credit for, um, not taking credit on the final play call– he said that was all Foles, who, while choosing from a limited selection from the game plan for that situation, told reporters he wanted a movement play to shift coverage lanes: [Philly Mag]

“I just like a movement play in that situation because it changes throwing lanes,” said Foles. “If you’re in the pocket a guy can undercut it, whereas if you’re on the run there’s no undercut. It just felt good. It was the first play that came in my head.”


That’s something that Donovan McNabb would have never said. Or thought. In fact, I’m fairly certain he would have thrown the ball out of the end zone or laterally to a safety valve, who would have gotten tackled at the one-yard line. 

Anyway, that all excites me, and it should excite you too. But the Eagles are still 4-9.


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  1. Jason Avant.Maclin.Cooper….get rid of Desean Jackson.
    A rookie QB that likes to audible ?
    Foles ain’t Joe Montana; but he makes things happen.

  2. I was kind of annoyed that Maclin ran away from the rest of the offense to celebrate that game winning catch. I like how the backup players all celebrate together.

  3. Please stop using the word ‘sans’ instead of ‘without’. It is incredibly gay.

  4. I agree with Rollie, it sounds like you’re trying to be the smartest guy in the room, gay gay gay

  5. While I’m glad the Eagles actually won a game for the first time since the twelth of never, I have to temper that joy against the sobering knowledge Foles shredded a secondary that was worse than the Birds, which is no mean feat. And while I’m no football expert, it sure looked to me like the Bucs were playing prevent, trading field position for time in the fourth quarter, and that wound up biting them in the ass. Let’s see what happens when Foles faces a better defense in Cincinnati on a ridiculously short turnaround Thursday night.

  6. With Foles looking like a winning starting QB (note: I didn’t say all-star, superbowl, HOF), Vick is def gone.
    With Vick done, the blacks in the city can go back to being Cowboy fans.

  7. Foles is more Ron Weasley than Napolean Dynamite, ’cause that was some magic shit in da red zone

  8. This is why no Babin can ever tell or will ever know what it is like to be an Eagle fan. I walked my ass to the local bar on a rainy cold Sunday to watch this game. We sat there and endured 3.5 painfully long quarters of football and by the end of it, we were all on the edge pulling for Foles like it was the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. At the end we were singing, jumping and celebrating like crazy. And that’s for a 3-9 team that had given us nothing but grief all year.

  9. I was also annoyed that Maclin ran away after the winning TD catch. That is Foles moment not Maclin’s.
    A win is a win but lets be real, the result could have been much different if the defender didn’t drop that gift that Foles threw to him on 3rd down (or was it 2nd?).

  10. Wow, porn ads (Girls of Philly) and gambling ads (Godfather Locks). Classy site here Kyle.

  11. Foles won the game…..Kolb got blown out 58-0 ?
    some were complaining that Foles can’t run….but they’re sure glad he’s white.
    some people just bitch for bitchin’s sake.

  12. Seriously you need to stop with the ads. Your readers have spoken. Your strategy has been how can i milk every dollar i can from this site instead of how can i make this site better

  13. obviously i still want Andy gone and hope they dont win out so lurie has an excuse to keep him. But yesterday’s win felt good and while i’m not ready to crown foles as a future pro-bowler, yesterday was encouraging.

  14. @Cookie Puss, I think you are thinking of Washburn. Get your shitty assistant coaches straight.

  15. Kyle – I’m going to be “sans” job if my boss sees an ad for Girls of Philly on my computer screen again.

  16. Some of you people are really fuckin gay …
    Andy is coming back also, I just know it.
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  17. Kyle, don’t even act like McNabb is the originator of the famous “line of scrimmage lateral/instant tackle for a loss” play. Every Reid QB from Pederson through Foles has run that piece of shit waste of a play ten times a game, so it’s obviously Andy and Marty’s genius shining through.

  18. I get that anything can happen with this team, but why do so many people think Andy is coming back? The writing has been on the wall for most of the season. It doesn’t make sense to fire him mid season, from any perspective. And given Luries feelings for Reid, Reid’s tenure here, and the situation with Garrett, its pretty obvious Lurie is gonna let him down gently at the end of the season. And on a more simpler note.. If Lurie breaks from what he said about 8-8 not being good enough, and lets Reid stay on, this city is going to burn.

  19. I’m going to go ahead and assume some of those Girls of Philly blew whoever puts that stupid calendar together, because they sure ain’t model material. More like Chickenheads of Delco.

  20. Wow, the ads on here are horrible. I guess I will go back to just ESPN for sporting news. This site sucks anymore.

  21. People who come to this site just to post that they don’t like this site really don’t understand how the internet works, do they?

  22. The adds dont bother me, but what bothers me is the “You might like” links at the bottom of every post now…Not even because they’re there, but because they’re just randomly populated with posts that have no relevance. I get to the end of a post and its like, “If you like this Nick Foles post, than you might enjoy some random post about Danny Briere’s ex wife, a post about Ruben being hopeful of resigning Jayson Werth, and a post about the length, mass, girth, and center of gravity of Jeff Carter’s wang…All from 2 years ago!”

  23. I liked how it took about 3 positive yard plays in the 4th quarter for John Lynch and the other boob to start slobbing on Andy’s knob about how he’s a great coach and any team will be lucky to have his genius next season.

  24. I’m waiting for Cataldi to come in here and say how he’s going to impregnate me after this win……..he lost a bet.

  25. “That’s something that Donovan McNabb would have never said. Or thought. In fact, I’m fairly certain he would have thrown the ball out of the end zone or laterally to a safety valve, who would have gotten tackled at the one-yard line.”
    No, McNabb would have run it in himself.

  26. So after the touchdown they had to go for the extra point. Did anyone else see Howard Mudd go up to Andy and facetiously suggest going for 2? I thought that was hilarious.

  27. It doesn’t matter if…the Eagles don’t…continue to….tank. This year’s draft sucks….and Manti Te’o isn’t going in the top 5….so maybe it wouldn’t matter so much….if they won….every game remaining….this….year….because they would still….get…Te’o

  28. I also have a feeling Andy may be coming back. It seems there has been a lot of politicking going on in regards to the debacle on the defensive side of the ball. Washburn was forced on Andy by Roseman, which doesn’t excuse the hiring of Juanita. I feel like Jeffery Laurie and Andy have a close enough relationship that if Foles, the D along with the rest of the team continue to show signs of life sans, I mean without, Washburn’s wide 9 and the disfunction that it caused then Andy may just get another chance considering that the one thing he does do really well is develop QBs. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Andy’s tired brand of football as much as the next guy but I can see the possibility of fat Andy on the sideline next year……. I just hope he has learned from his mistakes ( doubt it ) and switches to a more conventional run/pass balanced offense.

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