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Even if you hate Andy Reid as a coach. Even if you hate the 2012 Eagles as they’re currently constructed. Even if you can’t stand the smug, status quo, we know better than you organization. Even if all those things, and even if you were half paying attention yesterday as the 3-9 Eagles played in Tampa, it still had to feel good when Nick Foles tossed the game-winning touchdown to Jeremy Maclin with no time remaining on the clock.

TINA, EAT THE FOOD!, I screamed as Foles, in all his Napolean Dyanmitian glory, finished off a last-minute drive sans timeouts, a feat we have rarely seen accomplished in the Andy Reid era. 

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You couldn’t help but feel good for Reid as he fat guy hugged Duce Staley…

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… and Howard Mudd…

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… and high-fived Christina Lurie… 

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… but, don’t tell me that a part of you didn’t worry that the Eagles are now going to win three of their last four (yesterday included) and the other Lurie will have “seen enough” to keep Reid around for another year, chalking up the #dickpunch that was the 2012 season to bad seeds like Jason Babin and Jim Washburn.

Don’t tell me you didn’t worry about that, because I did.

Anyway, fat guy hugs included, it was nice to watch an entertaining football game. Even better to see a win. Even better when All-State Jason Avant made this catch:

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And the best when Foles did his entire, seemingly 20-minute long, post-game presser in full uniform like a little kid eating orange slices while still wearing his helmet and batting gloves after hitting a game-winning inside-the-park home run.

You have to give Reid credit for, um, not taking credit on the final play call– he said that was all Foles, who, while choosing from a limited selection from the game plan for that situation, told reporters he wanted a movement play to shift coverage lanes: [Philly Mag]

“I just like a movement play in that situation because it changes throwing lanes,” said Foles. “If you’re in the pocket a guy can undercut it, whereas if you’re on the run there’s no undercut. It just felt good. It was the first play that came in my head.”


That’s something that Donovan McNabb would have never said. Or thought. In fact, I’m fairly certain he would have thrown the ball out of the end zone or laterally to a safety valve, who would have gotten tackled at the one-yard line. 

Anyway, that all excites me, and it should excite you too. But the Eagles are still 4-9.