Bynum Spotting: Images of a Loon (Andrew Bynum at The Penthouse Club)

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 1.05.22 PM
Ah yes, the joys of following strippers on Instagram (UPDATE: we've been told that Rach is a cocktail waitress, not a stripper…). I don’t. But reader Frank does, and he sent along this photo of Andrew Bynum, which was apparently taken at The Penthouse Club last night. 

The photo was posted (instantly grammed?) by “Rach Recklesss,” who, if you couldn’t tell from that extra s, is pretty badass.

Here are the comments on her photo. Do enjoy: 

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 12.46.28 PM
Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 12.46.28 PM

Just in case you have trouble translating hashtags and stripper: Rach was sittin there drinkin, perhaps going shot-for-shot, with Bynum’s ass, which is cool as shit. And you mad.

We, of course, have no way of confirming when and where the picture was taken. But a stripper’s cocktail waitress' Instagram is like Carrie Mathison giving you her word– it may seem totally nutso, but you can always trust it. 

Here’s what some background research dug up– Rach with her Penthouse bitches (her words) earlier this week:

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 12.50.46 PM

Nice to see Bynum’s rehab is going well. 


165 Responses

  1. oh god, this one is too easy… I could go in so many directions with my inappropriate comments.

  2. Too easy, as in it would be too easy to drive a truck through any one of these chick’s tunnel pussies. Like sliding a hot dog down a hallway

  3. Sound the alarm Andrew Bynum is the first professional athlete to go into a strip club!
    Kyle, you are such a pretentious prick.

  4. Weird. People really have nothing better to do . Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet obviously . For one, I’m not a stripper , I’m a bartender. I am always fully clothed and I make shots and drinks for the customers. Secondly, I have been friends with andrew for years and it doesn’t matter what I post on Instagram – he was there seeing an old friend . If I was aware that creeps were going to stalk my Instagram and save my photos , I would never have posted it in the first place . Get a life , seriously ! One that doesn’t include stalking young girls and exploiting their name . Weird!

  5. Lmao , I drink at the club all the time! If he wants to sit there and catch up with me while I have a few drinks , I don’t think that’s anything for you guys to get excited about ! Wow you have no life ! Losers !

  6. Lmao and everyone commenting on this calling me names is MOST LIKELY fat, old, creepy, weird , or just all of the above ! Hahah sucks that you all sit behind a computer and stalk young pretty girls and talk about them ! I bet every one of you have horrible lives and have never been with a pretty girl in your entire life. No kids for me anytime soon ! Stop worrying about me and go find someone else to talk about !

  7. Rachel Kyle Scott runs this town if he says you’re a stripper then you’re a stripper YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE

  8. Rachel, you’re a whore and you know it, its ok, the world needs pigs like you…keep suckin that black dick toy stumpy little twat

  9. Rachel has a nice rough living look, my senses tell me she comes from a single parent household, tans too much, loves unprotected sex, has a tramp stamp & gets drunk on the reg. maybe a couple abortions under her belt

  10. news alert everyone, athletes like attractive young females.
    Everyone boo this man.
    btw fuck them up rachel, I love watching douchebags get served on the internet

  11. Rachel –
    If I saw photos of my mom wearing what you’re wearing, and doing it where you’re doing it, I would be absolutely disgusted.

  12. Rachel, you have to be careful what you write on this site. Kyle’s fanboys don’t have jobs so if you write anything negative about him, you better be prepared to get lambasted. He doesn’t have to do research or anything like that, anything he writes is straight from the mouth of God! So don’t say anything negative about him. It probably took him a while to copy and paste this article.

  13. I’d honestly like to know how many times these dudes would stutter if they talked to this gal in public

  14. Kyle Scott: The Scum of the Earth. Don’t bother yourself with these pricks, Rachel. They’re not worth your time. This is some of the lowest I’ve ever seen the internet go.


  16. Clearly my definition of attractive and yours are two different things. Nothing attractive about a girl that whores herself out for money.

  17. Rachel, fat old creepers are mostly who goes to the Penthouse club so what’s your point?

  18. Rachel,
    1)were you Sanduskied when you were younger?
    2) are you working as a stripper to pay for school?
    3) do guys actually respect you??
    4) do you like coke?

  19. Stop it Rachel! Stop ripping my Kyle. He works so hard to give us this quality entertainment! If he says you’re a stripper than you have to be!!!

  20. Rachel your ugly ass would have no job if it wasn’t for us. Go back to having no morals and being “omg Lyke so drunkkkkkkke” fuck outta here with your herpes, ghonnerea, and ugly cumstained face

  21. Rachel, Don’t let these guys bother you. We know how you do. Nahmean?
    So I was wondering, did he give you just the tip, or just the tip? Are you only working there to save up to pay for medical school?

  22. Judging by Rachel’s tweets:
    1 – She never met Andrew before and is lying her ass off when saying that he is an “old friend”
    2 – She probably had to ask someone there who he was
    3 – She got her first ride in a Ferrari last night
    4 – She’s been walking funny all day
    5 – Christmas dinner with the family is going to be awkward

  23. Rach
    Sorry you’ve gotten yourself into this. Don’t mind the haters. Do what you have to do to do whatever you do.
    In other news, your roots are coming through. Time for a cut and color.

  24. Mike Miss is ripping your site to shreds Kyle. Pretty much insinuate you’re the TMZ of the Philly sports world. Although, I can’t really disagree with him…

  25. Uh oh. She has “friends” who are lawyers. Rand Spear probs locked her taint.
    Sounds like Delco scum.

  26. She sounded as sharp as a box of marbles. Kept talking black by spitting out “you know what I’m saying”!
    Also brace, you have no shot, she only dates blacks

  27. Kyle, have a CrossingBroad Christmas party at the penthouse club and late night at drinkers

  28. Holy shit, you and your commenters are the scum of the earth, Kyle. Not that that’s new, of course, but for fuck’s sake I hope you eat the karmic shit you deserve.

  29. Rachael all these guys are dicks, don’t mind them. But you & I were kinda made for each other, don’t you think? Perhaps we should go have a drink and laugh about this together.
    *caresses her back lovingly

  30. PREVIOUSLY, ON BYNUMLAND: I’m telling you Saul, Bynum is a double agent secretly working for the Lakers! The only reason they let him go is because they knew he’d never play in Philly! Remember Chris Webber? I won’t – I CAN’T let that happen again!

  31. Last time I was in the Penthouse club Rachel shot me down, she said she doesn’t date “white boys” cause “they never be callin me back”.

  32. You’re right, ReadingThroughTheLines. It’s truly a shame that Rachael gave noted untalented jackass Kyle Scott his 15 seconds of fame.

  33. Yea Rachel penthouse bitches for life. Love how ppl blow us up constantly. Rated the most hated of northeast philly… yea well take it n own the spotlight. Haters make us famous. Muahzz xoxox<3

  34. Rachel sounded like a coked out stripper on the radio. I’m sure her “Lawyer” friends will get a blowjob from her tonight when they give her legal advice.

  35. Holy shit. I post an early comment then have to get away from the computer for a few hours. Did I miss anything??

  36. Ug Rachel you look like Gollum before the bad shit really kicked in. Forget a boob job see if a surgeon ca do something about that weasel face.

  37. Get the fuck off this site if your going to end a post with muahzzz go watch jersey shore and use the word swag you slore

  38. Just because you let a few lawyers use that ferret mug of yours as a sperm sponge, that doesn’t mean you actually have a case. You dumb pig.

  39. Poor Kyle Scott,you have a bunch of fat funky out of shape low lifes with no wife peons defending your honor simply because they’re upset that some barmaid is calling them out for being the miserable bottom feeders that they are.

  40. Imagine how trashed her pussy is?
    I’m disgusted at her actions. What is wrong with the youth of today?!?

  41. Where is Angelo Cataldi when u need him im sure he has some classy things to say about our friend rachey

  42. This cunt gives Rectal RHEA HUGHES a run for her money for the “hairiest, slimiest, stingiest, stickiest most bike filled cunt” award. I bet she let that ape Bynum slide his pathetic 5 cm boner inside of her filthy cleavage. Her tits are probly so rough and Stoney that she tore the skin off of his shaft and scalped his penis tip, ripping the edges around the hole and englammingbthe inside of his urethra. I bet she let that beast and his monkey posse spray green foamy diarrhea directly into her mouth and face. She deserves every round of criticism she gets because she’s a fucking filthy slut who can’t even fuck her way to a 10000 income because her cunt too closely resembles a puddle of rhinoceros throw up mixed with diarrhea and maggots. She probably fucked Kike Pissandsmelli after her radio interview and melted his forskin and pubic hair off. All because she voted for Obama.

  43. I think she should be fired at the penthouse for drinking at work, fucking an animal & driving drunk. What kind of establishment are they running at the penthouse?

  44. She deleted all her pics.
    Another retard realizes the hard way that if you put your whole life on the internet, you might get critcized….

  45. Stripclub bartenders are always either the hottest girls there that have too much self respect to get naked, or girls who look like that chick. Those are the ones that wind up giving handjobs in Delco to pay the electric bill.

  46. Honestly, no one who’s happy with themselves would be sitting here enjoying writing such negative comments about someone they don’t actually know. And for what, a famous athlete who they ALSO don’t know? He’s not going to think you’re cool shit for hating on her. The leader of this site isn’t going to think you’re cool shit. You’re nobodies. You’re the bottom of the barrel, bottom feeding scumbags who don’t have social lives, so they sit at home and attempt to create one online, while girls like Rachel are out actually HAVING lives. How dare she come and try to defend herself and call you guys names? Are you serious? You guys are insulting not only her, but her family as well, with such anger that leads me to believe you’re totally j*ing it to the drama. Instead of trying to put all this extra nonsense behind what’s just a fun picture of the sweetest girl I know, go try to interpret the inside of a toilet seat while you drown yourselves.

  47. right ON Kate O!!! These filthy misogyinists should look in the mirror and think about how they speak about women.

  48. @ Kate O- I’m in tears how heartfelt that was. You go girl. I mean do you know what I’m saying?

  49. It’s amazing how all of these comments are from grown men ? Understand that you are talking this way about a 23 year old girl who has never done anything to you !!
    @ Angelo — I think it’s weird how you are a 65 year old overgrown fat version of gov. Arnold that has soooo much to say about a young girl a third of his age !!! Your post was so heart felt that u would think that I have personally done something to you to hurt u ! Instead of posting comments that look more like novels, maybe you should see a doctor about that beak on your face that you call a nose! Then maybe your vision would be a lot clearer and you’d see that I am a perfectly healthy and good looking girl that is most likely even younger than your kids !! How would you like it if old creepy men were harassing your children for absolutely no reason ? Maybe that’s what needs to happen – I’m sure that can be arranged . As for the rest of you , time to find something else to say about me other than me being a whore! Haha best part is .. That’s just you assuming that when u see a pretty, young girl bartending in a strip club – that makes her a whore! Hahah I honestly find you guys even more pathetic than me actually getting upset by what strangers are saying. So sad. I bet that if I saw any of you on the street, none of you would have as big of balls as you do behind a computer screen ! Lmao! As for the females commenting negatively on this , that is a disgrace ! You’re watching a bunch of weird old men try and rip apart an innocent 23 year old girl for absolutely no reason and your applauding them ! It’s females like that , that make it okay for a man to call a woman a whore. Like check out what Angelo said — I picture him going crazy on the keyboard , face bright red, trying so very hard to think of the best possible comeback he can put together to rip apart a little girl. If that’s not a pathetic life, then I don’t know what is !! Thank u all for making me the most important topic of your day — my job is done ! Now I will block this website and never look at it again. Hope you all have a great time being Internet weirdos while I continue to enjoy my life and laugh at assholes like you !!!
    @ kate o— thank you so much for defending me ! You know the real me, none of these characters do. We have nothing to prove. They have already proven to be ignorant weirdos who spend their day bashing people they don’t know ! It’s girls like us that give them something to do , otherwise they probably would have killed themselves already. Love you !

  50. Don’t be fooled by mother. She gets too self righteous. She’ll throw anything away for a few bucks and a few shots at work.

  51. @Rachel – in no way are you pretty. You pretty much look like a whore that works in a strip club that services perverted old men and young dumbass rich kids.. I’d rather troll a college bar before trying to bang a coal burning stripper.

  52. All of this is somewhat pathetic. I’m not really trying to defend Rachel, but I wonder how much of this is because its been a while since some of you have seen a girl with so little clothes on. Stripper or not, I know I’ve got better things to do than sit on some douche’s blog all day acting like the only reason I wouldn’t sleep with this girl is because I chose not to.
    Get out there and socialize, maybe one will talk to you.

  53. Rachel…if it makes you feel any better, I talk about everyone that way…including myself. I often wax my small, wrinkly, leathery, 1 inch fully erect penis in the blood of candy from the oaks asshole, which I pierced with a fist full of thumb tacks. I wax it then I penetrate my couch with my pathetic dong. My radio show consists of RHEA HUGHES spanking my ass while I orally penetrate morganti…and that’s just my eagles coverage…
    If you’ve read my recent work, Ive described how penis butts like Dennis, candy, and LT all finger their own fathers whilst listening to Barbra Streisand.
    Point is…I felate my own anus. So does kyle. Don’t take it personally.

  54. Simple, I wouldn’t let me daughter work at a strip club in any form. Nor would I let her hang around hoodtrash, like the entire NBA, except for Kobe. but I guess that is what you get attending Philly Public Schools and parents that don’t care enough.
    The worst part is instead of just letting people go on and comment and abuse you for hanging around disgusting men of the NBA, you came here and WIP to defend yourself. Thats what is driving the comments. It shows you are are immature, and confirms that you are the trashy hoe everyone has been claiming. “powerful lawyers?” my ass. Kyle runs a business, so he probably has lawyer.
    Don’t you have men to swindle money from this evening, rather than posting another defensive post?

  55. Rachel, you work at a whore house and fuck black guys. Nobody will ever treat you with any respect.
    Angelo is a legend on this site

  56. One minute you’re rach reckless – wanna be baller, 3rd tier talent at a shitty strip club.
    The next you’re just an innocent sweet little girl.
    I’d respect you more if you just owned it. You cant have it both ways. Maybe stay off facebook and twitter for a bit, eh ?

  57. Rachael, you’re a disgrace to females. Have some self-respect for yourself & get a new job. Take an English class too

  58. Wow, Kyle….I hate to say it but this site really has gone too the dogs. I’m not one to bring out the word police, especially for stupid Internet trolls, butt you do realize that you can delete comments right? I remember when you could actually have decent commentary in the comments section, with guys like chirp, iron balls and JT, actually discussing…ya know..sports. However, those days are all but gone. Your comments section has been reduced to a spam inbox for childish buffoons with small dicks and huge keyboard muscles. The sexism and retarded hate, goofy or not, that’s been allowed to be spewed on this site, and this post in particular, that has gone unchecked, has brought this site way down in quality. Christ on a stick, how do you let this get so out of hand that this woman goes on the radio and (rightfully) trashes you?
    And it’s posts like these that partially invoke these kinds of insipid lowlife comments. I normally ignore when readers rant about this just being a tmz site, but im inching closer and closer to believing them. I used to not mind these kinds of posts because they were different and there was a good balance between them and posts with meaningful commentary or analysis…But almost all of the posts I read now are shit like this. And most of these types of posts used to at least have a line tey didnt cross…But unneccesarily targeting a random chick because she works at a strip joint? It’s no wonder this comments thread looks like the ramblings of a hitler youth council.
    How is this site going to maintain its status as a unique, “snarky”, alternative to the usual Philly media merry go round if it’s just a haven for low quality comments an content? Not to mention the same biases and disconnect that you regularly criticize the normal media for have regularly started popping up on here (what’s with the anti Bynum shit…Seriously? This whole Bynum mess is way more the sixers fault than his. I get that he’s a little off, but not more so than any other athlete that’s come through here. Bryzgalov is way more nuts than than this guy, yet his antics are endearing, while Bynum is a “loon” who gets torn to shreds for simply being seen around town while hes absent from the game.)
    This post was really abborent and the lack of civility and regulation in this out of control comment section is even more disgusting. I usually end my criticisms of this site with a sentence about how it’s only cause I’ve always enjoyed the site and I’ll keep on reading..But i can’t honestly say that this time with the direction this crap is taking.
    Cue candy from the oak telling me my posts are too long for his 1st grade reading level and original that guy telling me to get in the kitchin and make him a sandwich.

  59. Pete i’m not going to degrade you, however you do realize this is a sports site right. This isn’t a MENSA sitaround or anything.

  60. @ Pete h, extremely gay and long , I bet you went penthouse last night you sick fuck

  61. And I’m sorry kyle scotts spacebar, I didn’t realize sports was synonymous with mysoginy,hate, and stupidity.

  62. @ Pete h if you don’t like the site or by now you should know how the comments are going go stay off and with the long post no one reads them especially on phones. On a side note how did reckless look

  63. “Looks like this whore is getting the attention she wanted.
    Posted by: Dave | December 12, 2012 at 03:36 PM”
    Just so we’re clear, you’re talking about Kyle here, right?

  64. @Pete H, you really don’t get it do ya? Racy comments = page views and page views make advertisers drool. It may be the same 10 people viewing the page but when they come back and check to see if anyone bit on their comments it is still a page view (although not unique). The site still has 2 inches of available ad space to sell which will further slow down the site but will make for a nice Christmas for Mrs CB.

  65. “Rachael, you’re a disgrace to females. Have some self-respect for yourself & get a new job.”
    How does her clothing or job choice equate to having no self-respect? That’s right, it doesn’t, unless you’re insecure.
    I can’t believe you women attacking another woman, calling her a whore or a disgrace. Stop perpetuating the idea that it’s okay for you and men to rip on girls in that manner.
    I also can’t believe the amount of racist people on this site. It’s about to be 2013, and you’re still angry because a white girl is fucking a black man? Shame on you.

  66. OMG philly can we please for once not run an athlete out of town because they don’t feel exactly the same way as we do? Who cares if he goes to the club, I want the man to have fun while he’s here. It’s not like he’s rock climbing, fucking relax everyone. Players gon’ play, and this Rachel girl seems cool as fuck. I’m going to go to Penthouse just to see her. Stop being so pretentious, fuck yo morals. It’s a new era, have fun, don’t judge anyone.

  67. HAHAaaaa she thought that was the real Angelo! That totally made my day.
    Thank you, the internet. You can post your whole life on twitter and instagram to feed your ego, you can anonymously write scathing comments out of boredom, or you can get on a soapbox over something that means absolutely nothing. Greatest invention ever.

  68. @KO, comment sections are the only place a non black can be openly racist. Y’all can be as racist as you want publicly and no one can say anything.
    Also, def size difference.. no real way around that one.

  69. Bynum is too huge of a gamble. It was nice to get Iguodala’s contract off the books and then have the option of forgoing Bynum after this season, but this team is worse than last season’s. Bynum may choose to sign elsewhere (which wouldn’t be the worst scenario) but this summer’s FA class is nothing special so we could be looking at another 2-3 seasons of mediocrity, 40 wins, and early Playoff exits.
    It’s good Jrue and Evan are young and are establishing themselves as the foundation of this squad, but I don’t know how this whole Bynum situation will work out. It’s bad enough he has horrible injury history at age 25. Also not a fan that he lives the “baller” lifestyle racing cars, mingling with trash like Rachel, and being an obnoxious neighbor.
    Also look how Vucevic is playing in Orlando. That deal could bite us hard if Bynum never suits up as a Sixer. Collins was too arrogant to give Nick a chance and he’s proving he can play.

  70. This comments section just blew away the awesomeness from the post about the puck slut banging all the players at the NHL draft. Classic.

  71. I tried to lower myself to the standards of the fuck heads who post here all the time. I now see that I’m totally out of my league here. Kyle go get mommy a stiff one. Not that you shithead, I need a DRINK!

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