Claude Giroux Won’t Be Returning to Germany to Play Hockey

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This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, but it seems Claude Giroux won’t return to Germany.

G flew back to the States last month after suffering a neck injury in a game for the Berlin Ice Bears. He visited Sidney Crosby’s doctor, Ted Carrick, who gave the all-clear that Giroux didn’t have a concussion. Now comes a report from that Giroux, citing a possible resolution in the lockout over here, has informed the Ice Bears that he likely won’t return to the team.

Here’s the statement released by Ice Bears coach Peter Lee: [translated]

"I am in constant contact with the agent of Claude Giroux Claude is now back fully fit and has begun the practice will, he hopes to continue on a short-term agreement between the players' union NHLPA with the NHL and is therefore. If only one train in Ottawa., the parties do not reach in North America, I go by a timely return from Claude Giroux to Berlin. "


Perhaps G sticking it out in Ottawa is an indication that players are confident a deal will get done soon. Or, the German women just weren’t that hot.


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  1. Bloated G shouldn’t concentrate more or training instead of drinking beer, high calorie foods & selling those terrible looking G bear shirts. No heart to be a superstar

  2. I heard Giroux is practicing with the University of Carleton hockey team here in Ottawa. He’s got a GF here too and the holidays are coming up so why bother going back to the land of the Nazi’s.
    The lockout will be over once the players get over their greed!

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