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This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, but it seems Claude Giroux won’t return to Germany.

G flew back to the States last month after suffering a neck injury in a game for the Berlin Ice Bears. He visited Sidney Crosby’s doctor, Ted Carrick, who gave the all-clear that Giroux didn’t have a concussion. Now comes a report from that Giroux, citing a possible resolution in the lockout over here, has informed the Ice Bears that he likely won’t return to the team.

Here’s the statement released by Ice Bears coach Peter Lee: [translated]

"I am in constant contact with the agent of Claude Giroux Claude is now back fully fit and has begun the practice will, he hopes to continue on a short-term agreement between the players' union NHLPA with the NHL and is therefore. If only one train in Ottawa., the parties do not reach in North America, I go by a timely return from Claude Giroux to Berlin. "


Perhaps G sticking it out in Ottawa is an indication that players are confident a deal will get done soon. Or, the German women just weren’t that hot.