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So this is what Ed Wade has been up to while destroying the Houston Astros and in his token role as The Guy Who Traded Us Brad Lidge with the Phillies: writing a mystery novel.

No, really. 

As unearthed by the folks over at Astros County, Ed Wade recently released a fiction novel, Delayed Honor, whose title I can only imagine is a metaphor for the half-assed pat on the back he got upon his return to Philadelphia for being at the helm when the Phillies drafted their World Series champs core.

The book is available exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle (for now) and comes with this description:

Steve Laun returns home to attend the funeral of a father he hasn't seen in years, only to learn that his father's "accidental" death is cloaked in mystery. With the help of neighbors and a burning desire to correct wrongs on a number of fronts, Laun sets out to get to the bottom of his father's death, and, in the process, uncovers and thwarts the efforts of a local arms dealer with worldwide terrorist connections. While following Laun's quest for justice, we learn that there is more to Steve Laun than meets the eye. 


Amazing. One can only assume that said local arms dealer with worldwide terrorist connections recklessly sells his most powerful weapons for 10 cents on the dollar and sets his rogue organization back years by leaving them ill-equipped to compete in the American League.  

Wade’s bio section makes it known that he put the project aside (yeah right) while general managing the Astros into obscurity. But you’ll be glad to know he’s taking his role as special consultant to the baseball operations department with the Phillies seriously. From his bio: 

After leaving the Astros at the end of the 2011 season, Wade returned to the Phillies in a special consultant's role, turned his computer back on and finished Delayed Honor. The book incorporates many of Wade's non-baseball interests, including running (lifelong runner with a couple of full- and half-marathons under his belt), skydiving (licensed jumper with over 40 jumps to date) and the military (the book calls on Wade's friendships with many service members, including elite Navy SEALs). A native of Carbondale, PA, Wade is married to Roxanne and is the father of Ryan, Erin and Maureen. The Wades live in Sewell, NJ, where Wade counts the days to the next Spring Training and the beginning of another baseball season.


Ed Wade is friends with elite Navy SEALs. The skydiving thing is great, too, since Wade’s gig with the Phils amounts to a golden parachute for his baseball career.

Now seems like as good a time as ever to remind you to click our Amazon link if you plan on purchasing this Ed Wade thriller: