Here’s Video of Two Bulls Fans Being Shot on The El

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 4.34.39 PM
This was all over the news last night, but here’s incredibly clear footage of two Bulls fans being shot on The El in West Philly Wednesday night. Hop it for the video.

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29 Responses

  1. So shocked it’s blacks. I’m sure if you look at more video you’ll see that didn’t pay the fare

  2. When the cops catch that miserable rat bastard, they should throw his ass off the Ben Franklin Bridge with barbells tied to his ankles. And televise his swan dive for all to see on the evening news. That would make for one hell of a deterrent to crime.

  3. You gotta remember that these kids are crack babies, babies, so their parents and grandparents were probably druggies so they have no idea how to act in normal society

  4. wha da fuck man? Mofuckas talking sheeiiiiiitt on ma team. Ma home girl R to the mothafuckin RECKLESSSSZ! be sleepin wit dat center o my mothafucking TEEEAAAAMMM right dere. She ma bitch, but its mothafuckin’ BYNUM, namsayin, bruh? Had to let dat nigga hit my ho. Ain’t gon let these HATERS talk shit own ma Sixers man. Had to show these niggas wuz up.
    RECKLESSSZ got so hot when she found out I pooped some niggas ass for talkin’ shit, me n ma niggas ran train on dat ho. She gon make some nice halfrican babys, man.

  5. Poor kids they probably come from a broken home with no real male role models in their life
    I just hope that when these two young men are released from prison they can become productive members in this society.
    If you racist scumbags were raised in such a negative environment as these two young men you would probably have done something much worse you self rigtheous low lifes.

  6. Donald Garvey took the words right out of my mouth.
    I’m confused though, why didn’t he hold the gun sideways?

  7. Yes Lesbo, black children are the only ones in the world to ever grow up in difficult situations. I know this because I’ve seen all of Spike Lee’s films.

  8. So the fact that someone doesnt have a proper male role model in their life makes it okay to shoot people Keisha? interesting theory totally justifiable that he shot 2 guys over a basketball game when you put it like that

  9. I’m not a racist, quite the opposite, but the majority of African Americans I’ve ever known or worked with don’t seem to recognize the importance of or care about the stability a nuclear family provides for children. It also seems like the majority of them also don’t realize that previous white generations made sacrifices themselves to insure that their offspring had greater opportunities than they had themselves.
    The more racist way of saying the above is that blacks need to stop breeding like rabbits and take responsibility for their own families, communities and future. The only way to currently describe their chosen culture in this society is self-destructive.

  10. You know how Mrs. Early knew she was pregnant? she pulled out her tampon and all the cotton was picked.

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