Here’s What Ruben Amaro Had to Say About Josh Hamilton, Ben Revere and Markets Today

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Ruben Amaro was on the WIP Morning Show today and he actually gave some insight into the Phillies’ offseason plans… without saying a whole lot of anything.

On Ben Revere: Rube said Sandy Alomar Jr. in Cleveland thanked him for getting the pain in the ass out of their division. “Pain in the ass” is perhaps the greatest compliment you can pay a speedy center fielder. There were years earlier in this millennium (that’s fun to write, and I like writing fun things) when I wanted to kill Juan Pierre and Luis Castillo for being those sorts of players.

“Did we overpay for the guy? I don’t know, maybe we did. But we felt like this is a very specific need. And I guess the philosophy is, if we are going to give up a fourth or fifth starter to get an everyday player in the Major Leagues, particularly at a premium position, then I would do it every time.”

On Josh Hamilton: “To have power on the club, there’s an overpayment that’s drastic. There aren’t very many guys out there other than B.J. Upton and Josh Hamilton, really, who have power. And you’re talking about going to stratospheres economically that I don’t know are the right thing for us to do. In Hamilton’s case, he’s the best player out there, there’s no question. But the commitment to bring him here may not be right for us. And that’s the issue.” 

“The only thing I can tell you right now is were trying to piece together a couple more of those needs (power, third base, setup man), and the other piece on that is that I’d like to go shorter on contracts rather than longer.”

My take: Amaro brought Hamilton’s name up first, which isn’t a great sign – since Rube prefers to hunt by lying in the weeds, waiting, watching, showing off his manhood – but then he talked about how Hamilton was the only true impact player out there and how he’s willing to overspend for guys like that. Since the Mariners are in talks with Hamilton for a three-year, $75 million deal (reportedly), you can take a little leap to the conclusion that the Phillies would absolutely be players for Hamilton. Rube made it clear they want to add a run producer, and if the Mariners are the only real competition for perhaps the best run producer in baseball, then it’s silly to think that the Phillies aren’t very seriously trying to get Hamilton, and doing it in a way that fulfills the predatory instincts of the Big Poker. 

On the market: “It was a scary market from the beginning because we didn’t feel like it was a very strong market, and yet there was the sense all of a sudden there was the influx of money (from TV contracts). So that’s a bad combo platter for the industry as far as how the markets are going to shift. And it shifted. You either got to play in it or you try to be creative and work around it, which is what were trying to do on a couple different fronts.”

I could listen to Rube talk about markets for hours and hours. Combo platter? Yes, I’ll have that, with a side of soup, Rube. This, from the guy who flings pools of cash onto negotiating tables with his massive manhood. Of course, in retrospect, the total dollars given to Halladay, Lee, Hamels and, yes, Howard are not out of line with the market

On trading Cliff Lee: Amaro said he never considered trading Lee, because if the Phillies have a chance of winning the World Series next year, Amaro says, it’s with the Big 3. He added that if there’s one guy who can reinvent himself after losing some stuff, it’s Roy Halladay, who will start throwing off a mound this month.

Rube also talked about why he’s really the only accessible GM in the town– said he grew up here, understands that fans are nuts and want to be involved in process, respects that… while saying almost nothing of use. 

Tell me lies, Rube. Tell me sweet little lies. 

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  1. Shocked he didn’t mention how ugly Hamiltons wife is and his biggest mistake in life wasn’t drugs it was knocking her up

  2. Yo Kyle, write an article about Villanova basketball sucking. You know it’d get a lot of “clicks”.

  3. If POS rube wants to win the divison he better sign the drug addict with the leather skin 60 yr old wife

  4. all this horse shit, they are going to get hamilton… unless he wants to kill himself in seattle.
    If they made anyone aware that they were going after him, other teams would get in to block him and his price goes up
    FYI I am most likely full of shit and dreams, but I dont think they can only trade for ben revere… to me that was a setup deal for something larger

  5. Rube would be stupid on to go after Hamilton…the fans will bust their nut and the games will begin to sell out again

  6. I agree, without him… after May the park will look like a nationals game.
    And then everyone will still make fun of nats fans…

  7. Anyone else get a chuckle out of Ruben saying “To have power on the club, there’s an overpayment that’s drastic.”?
    Yeah Rube, like when you signed Howard to that long term deal with two years of arbitration left!

  8. Wonder if the fingering and coke snorting at xfin is hurting , only so many unemployment checks those Delco trash can blow

  9. So many people want to overpay for Hamilton…then cry about overpaying J-Roll and Howard..da fuq?
    Hamilton’s body is going to break down eventually. I’m not going to pay upwards of $175mil+ for a guy who blames his failing hitting in day games on having blue fucking eyes.

  10. Loki, 4 years 25 mil per will get it done, relax princess its not ur money

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    from two dirty delco bitches
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  12. It is my money going to see a team i expect to win. So I will complain. Stop trying to make excuses for your lack of baseball knowledge kiddo.
    4 years 100mil will not get it done. And I still refuse to pay a guy who can’t play a full season(more than 140 games twice in his career) 25 mil a year.
    You have 3 pitchers who are being paid close to or more than 20 mil a year as is, and you’re paying Howard 20 mil a year as well. Why pay 25 mil a year for a guy with known drug problems, injury problems, a penchant for relapsing(especially with the scum that roams this town, he’ll be on the rocks in no time), and uses a lame excuse for why he can’t hit in day games,.
    No thanks.

  13. Let’s hope Hamilton doesn’t read CB. Go get Joe Mauer put him in right field, let him spell ruiz once in a while and use him as insurance against a nose breakdown, then trade that fat slob nose next year.

  14. I think the phrase “umad” would be perfect here.
    Only retards that are insecure about their lack of intellect act as you do kiddo aka Hedge. Thanks though <3
    No I do not Candy.

  15. I hope rube has the balls to sign Hamilton. Imagine the splash that would cause in Philly.

  16. And I wanna know why you deleted my criticism post of those awful 1993 phillies tshirts Kyle???

  17. Thanks Lenny, but I just enjoy sports talk. Always try to be civil but with the amount of retarded Philly fans that come here, it’s hard to not hope for mandatory sterilization of some people.
    Plus, I’m not that good of a writer anyway. Speaker, yes.

  18. Because I run a website for a living and I can’t think of one other medium that allows readers or consumers to publicly criticize their advertisers, and I’m certainly not going to be the first. If you want me to come to your place of work and rip you in front of your boss, let me know. I run a fucking business and don’t try to pretend those aren’t ads. If you don’t like something? Don’t buy it. But stop whining about.

  19. One day i’ll get personal invite from Kyle for Quizzo at Drinkers … one day
    and whoever wanted Joe Mauer .. go fuck yourself
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  20. I like hamilton a lot. in the AL. i dont think he’d be a good sign for the phillies for what he’s probably going to get, but i also dont want to play against him 12 times a year.

  21. As I have been told Hannibal. I didn’t know that. I only recently started paying attention to comments lol.

  22. Please learn the difference between “we’re” and “were.” One mistake and I accept it as a typo, but twice in the same post and it’s apparent you don’t know the difference.

  23. Loki….
    I love how you say “I refuse to pay a guy 25 mil who can’t play a full season.”
    What the fuck an I missing??? Do you own the phillies? Who cares what the payroll is loser?

  24. I think with the Revere trade, they left themselves a ton of free money…They could sign Hamilton…they could also just roll with what they have and sign Grienke to be the 4.
    Doc, Cliff, Cole, Grienke? Good fucking luck world!
    I think they’ll sign Hamilton though. If he takes 3-4 years at 25 per, it’s really a no brainer.

  25. I suspect he does own the Phillies, as he has enough free time to refresh one page all day to scan for new comments to respond to.

  26. Aw the kids keep attacking because they can’t formulate viable counter arguments :(. And people wonder why everyone laughs at Philly fans. Too funny.
    I can refresh because I have a smart phone, and because I’m off today and not doing a damn thing til tonight :).
    The wonders of a good easy life. 😀

  27. A counter argument to what, exactly? People are simply pointing out that you’re an internet troll, something I’m sure you’re familiar with and most likely enjoy. Have a good weekend.

  28. Loki, how is this for a viable counter argument: NO ONE IS GOING TO PAY HAMILTON $175. The rumors flying now are 3-4 years at 60-100 million. IF (and that is a big IF) that is the going rate, then it would be foolish of Pube to not at least inquire. While this line up is already too left handed, Hamilton is a masher that unlike Howard can actually hit for a decent average. If the deal Hamilton was going to get was really in the $175M range, I would agree with not wanting him, but with the new reports that it would take a LOT less to ink him up (no pun intended) then I think Pube should do his due diligence.

  29. Now see guys? Chas ehas the right idea, you call me a troll for presenting my concerns but offer nothing yourselves. Thank you Chase.
    And yes Rube HAS to inquire, it’s foolish not to. I don’t buy that he’ll settle for only 100mil, especially knowing this is his last big payday. I think he’ll sign for around 125-140 mil personally. Still too much to tie into 1 guy who may break down and has only played in more than 150 games once in his career.
    Should he settle for less than 100 mil, then you’re getting a steal.

  30. Hamilton (like Bourn now) has such a limited market at this point that he is going to have to take what he can get. I honestly do feel that he will end up getting something in the realm of 4/100M but at the same time, I think that offer will come from Texas and that Hamilton will jump at it. If the rumors that he would even consider a 3 year deal with Seattle tells me that there must be almost no one legitimately interested in him. Why else would he take such few years from a team that is DEFINITELY not going anywhere during that time frame.

  31. Loki, you’re so intelligent and well-spoken that it’s quite easy to see why your father enjoyed sticking his penis into your mouth so often.

  32. Lenny, I agree with you to some degree. It’s not my money what do I care. However, as sports fans it could be considered fun to debate the merits of signing/not signing certain players. Besides, we both know that the Phillies are only going to spend a certain amount of money. With that in mind, they have a lot of holes to fill so I was under the impression that this was a discussion of how to fill out a roster within the budget the Phillies have.

  33. Let the Phils sign the junkie, I don’t care. He’s good for some dingers and future funny blog comments. Plus it’s not my money, so bonus.

  34. Sweet, pop-up video ads now. This site has become yahoo sports but with even less content.

  35. As I said before….Ryan Ludwick….is the much better….option for the Philadelphia….Phillies. Jose Hamilton….is too much of a liability….and a risk….to sign for more than 4 years….and 80 million….dollars….as good of a player as….he….is.

  36. Loki, the biggest problem is that you really haven’t brought anything to the table at all. You talk about drugs and relapses. The only noted relapses since he restarted his career was twice during the offseason where he drank. Big fuckin deal. The rest of the league gets drunk during the season. The guy is one of the best players in baseball and our offense stinks, yet you don’t want to even attempt to get him. 4-5 years gets it done. Stop being a pussy
    Kyle, stop blowing Rube, he hasn’t done shit
    Also, would love a CB christmas party

  37. True story, Kyle has full blown aids…..I hear from some chick at nova that says she touched his little penis.
    Oh and he knows nothing about baseball…
    Aids smacks Kyle around more than cliff lees wife smacks him around, which is a lot.
    That said. Aids>Kyle Scott

  38. True story, rhea was out In Philly trying to have a drink and dinner with her husband and Kyle was seen being dragged around by her filthy long blonde cunt hair

  39. ACtually, I also brought up his inability to play full seasons, his day game woes.Along with his relapses. It shows that you do not read full comments when all you say is that I “only” mention his drug problems.
    He’s another over 30 hitter, that’s clearly worked for us so far. A body that has been abused with drugs and alcohol, far more than the guys who go out and just get drunk. This guy was doing it every day and night.
    So the combination of his injury past, drug use, alcohol use do not bode well. THAT is why I won’t take him.

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