Meek Mill is Ostensibly Giving Away the $10,000 He Won From DeSean Jackson to a Local High School

My how stories just come together sometimes.

As we detailed earlier, Meek Mill won $10,000 from DeSean Jackson on a rap battle last night. About an hour after his victory, Mill tweeted that he “gave [his] winnings away.”

To whom?

To Strawberry Mansion high school. is reporting that Mill’s donation, of $10,000, is back on after Mill, on Tuesday, had posted on his Instagram that his appearance at the school (and, apparently, the donation) had been cancelled by the Philadelphia School District (smart…) because of his controversial lyrics. 

Strawberry Mansion is one of 37 Philly schools that may be closed, according to Mill tweeted his displeasure about that this morning.

I’m sure there are a number of reasons for the reversal, but the timing is curious given the fact that, about 12 hours ago, Mill won the exact same amount from Jackson.

Earlier yesterday, Jackson and T.I. handed out Christmas gifts to homeless families. And by losing on a rap battle later in the day, D-Jac may have indirectly given $10k more to a local school. See, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

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  1. @Magic since you’re such a model upstanding citizen and a pillar of hope in your community,I volunteer you to be the role model for these kids I mean with a guy like you being Mr Perfect and all.

  2. Using the word ‘ostensibly’, especially in the title a blog post about rap music, screams “DOUCHE” louder than a Nova chant.

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