On the Eve of His Coach Getting Fired, Michael Vick Threw His Teammates Under a Bus

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While there were conflicting reports about the inevitable status of Andy Reid following yesterday’s game, Michael Vick, whose $100 million contract will actually amount to about a $32 million contract, was busy throwing his teammates under a bus (of course, before they got there, they were intercepted by an oncoming party limo and TAKEN TO THE HOUSE).

The Eagles will almost certainly cut Vick next season, owing him nothing. [Had Vick been injured, the Eagles would have owed him $3 million.] That means QB 7 will be free to go to whatever team will take a chance on an aging, banged up, ex-con, running quarterback. And since those sorts of players aren’t exactly in high demand, and since that’s even more so the case when said quarterback is coming off two extraordinarily disappointing seasons, Vick must to everything he can to market himself.

He started by blaming the Eagles' struggles on his teammates and wearing a cryptic Nike Air Force One t-shirt.


Mostly unedited, for your confusion:

“We didn’t perform to the best of our abilities, by any means. We got to look back and see what we didn’t do correctly, and at some point in our futures we all have to correct them and do them different.”


Got it. Do them different. That’s fair. 

On the Eagles lacking large talons, fight:

“I don’t know how that happens. You watch us play and we don’t exuberate the things we do in practice. I don’t know where that comes from. I know it’s frustrating. It’s difficult because, me, I leave it all on the field, I give it everything I got, and sometimes I wish I could play other positions, but I can’t. You know, so, you do the best you can. That’s all you can ask of yourself. And football means a lot to a lot of the guys in the locker room. And I know it means a lot to me. I give it everything I got whenever I step out on the field, regardless of the situation… coming back after 8 games, I don’t care. I give it everything I got, and that’s something I can be proud of.”


Exuberate isn’t a word. [UPDATE: It is, but not in the way Vick meant it.] But also, I wouldn’t be too proud of 15 turnovers in 10 games. 

On a tough season:

“You finish with what, four or five wins? It’s nothing to be happy about. It’s nothing to be proud of. You don’t go through spring training and training camp to go what, 5-11, 4-12?”



On his prior statement implying that his teammates didn’t give a full effort:

“Let’s clear this up, I’m not saying my teammates gave a lack of effort and I noticed it. I just know we can play better, that’s what I’m saying. I mean, you go down 21-0 and the first quarter’s not even over. So what is that? We don’t know. But, at the same time, you still gotta battle through it, you still gotta fight through it. I just notice it’s a big difference than when we was going through it last year and the year before, and it shouldn’t be that way. And I have to sit here and be candid right now: if every guy in that locker room was to come up to this podium, they should say the same thing I said. Verbatim. It is what it is. I wish all the guys the best in that locker room. And we’ll see what happens.”


That sounded like a less than ringing endorsement. I wonder if Vick expects every guy in that locker room to use “excuberate” too.

On hisself:

“I felt good after missing 8 games. Coming out there with one week of practice and still be somewhat efficient, fighting the elements, and still performing.”

“We all have to be honest with ourselves and just know that it takes 22 guys to win a football game. 11 on offense, 11 on defense. No one man can do it on his own. That’s just as candid as I can be right now, to help you all down the road.”

“I’ve grown a lot as a quarterback because I’ve learned so much in protection schemes and learned all the integral parts of the game a quarterback has to learn to grow… but we have to all grow together, and if you don’t have that, you won’t win too many football games.”

“Not one person can win a football game. You have to have the total team effort: offense, defense, special teams. If i could do it myself, I would do it. But I can’t.”


For the record, Vick was a very average 19-35 with one touchdown, one interception and one fumble yesterday. The Eagles lost 42-7. For the year, Vick threw 10 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He had a quarterback rating of 78.1, good for 24th in the league. The Eagles finished with four or five wins.


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  1. I think you’re misinterpreting what he was saying, Kyle. Sounds like he takes a lot of the blame for underperforming, but also takes the time to point out that everyone else needed to step their game up this season too. We can all agree that this team was embarrassing and probably couldn’t beat half the teams in the CFL.

  2. It’s not mikes fault he can’t read a defense or outrun a linebacker anymore. He had a flare up and that shit hurts. Excuberate my language

  3. R U Kidding Me !!!! All he did was tell the truth they’re the biggest group og “Dogs” (sic) in Eagles history. Laurie should have released the ENTIRE team at halftime and sent Andy back out to forfeit. Can’t wait to hear their BS CYA’s.

  4. R m herpes that sentence was way too long…you could have stopped after “it’s not mike’s fault he can’t read.”

  5. Vick was not a good leader. The team adopted his cocky, “I think I’m Better Than I Am” attitude and failed spectacularly as a result.
    The team was unlikable, because their QB and face of the franchise is an unlikable, convicted felon who knowingly spread herpes to women. His tenure was marked by him being delusional and having an attitude problem. Every week after every loss the team took his, “We shouldn’t have lost, we’re better than this” mindset and as a result didn’t work on fixing their mistakes instead they chose to ignore their problems and then they kept losing.
    Good riddance, Ron Mexico.

  6. Pfft! Vick did what Andy Reid didn’t have the balls to do! It offended me that Reid stayed with his pathetic postgame script to the bitter end, defending that kennel of mutts when anyone with eyes watching that game could see the players had packed it in early, rolled over and played dead. They showed NO heart, NO guts, NO pride, NO nothing! Good for Vick for saying what he did!

  7. So you’re saying they didn’t deserve to get thrown under the bus? It’s not like Vick was saying he played well, he was just saying that he was one of the few guys on the team giving it his all. His interview with Derrick Gunn afterwards was even more telling. He said he was ashamed to be the QB of those 8 losses this season, and ashamed that he was a big part in costing Reid his job. He even admitted that it lead himself to be put on the chopping block (and who gives a shit if he said “hisself”. It’s their lingo. Give up the race baiting, it’s annoying and pathetic). Ike Reese said it best…Reid was the one guy who gave Vick a chance. He was the one who reached out to him and brought him back from the dead, so why should Vick not wanna give it his all? Why should he not throw his shit stain teammates like Nnamdi under the bus, when his coaches last ounce of dignity is on the line?
    Fuck you Kyle. You think youre this fresh breath of air from normal media writers/outlets, but your not. You twist stories and facts around to be construed as controversies so you can get more hits. In some ways, youre worse than the normal media because at least theyd get fired for race baiting. Youre Tim Pannachio if Tim Pannachio could call Mike Richards a stupid canadian fuck. And at least they don’t let their comments section be ruled by a bunch of uneducated, sexist, racist buffoons. You bitch and moan about the national perception/stereotypes of Philly, yet let these assholes like candy from the oak keep posting nonsense that only enforces those stereotypes. You let people say things like Garret Reid deserved to die for fucks sakes. So I congratulate you on your site. I congratulate you on making a decent living doing bullshit work that you claim is different but is really the problem. I congratulate you on being the number one destination for trolls and scumbags in the Philly blogosphere. Fuck you.

  8. Vick did say he played well. Said he was proud of his performance. Said he was an elite quarterback whilst trashing his teammates.
    His a dick, pure and simple.
    I was embarrassed when the Eagles signed, disgusted when they promoted him to starter and now elated that he is gone.
    He is human garbage, and a bad QB to boot.

  9. Everything happens for a reason. If it was meant to be, I wouldn’t have fumbled the ball on the goal line.-Vick after the loss to the Steelers.

  10. Much ado about nothing. I don’t see Vick throwing his teammates under a bus at all. All I see is a blogger trying to blow something up into a bigger deal than what it is and a poor attempt to vilify Vick.

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