Report: Phillies Close to Acquiring Michael Young

So, Rube’s awake, and apparently he’s trying to acquire 36-year-old Michael Young.

According to several reports, the Phillies are in advanced stages of talks that would send Young to Philadelphia: [CSN Philly]

The Phillies entered the final morning of the winter meetings Thursday with a legitimate trade possibility. Multiple baseball sources tell that the Phils are in serious discussions with the Texas Rangers about a deal for veteran infielder Michael Young. Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning Newsreported that the two teams were in "advanced talks" about Young.


Young has a no-trade clause, but indications are that he would waive it to come to Philly. He has one year and $16 million left on his deal.

Evan Grant of the Dallas News reported the following late last night:

At the meetings’ outset Monday, sources indicated the Rangers, who have explored trading Young after both the 2008 and 2010 seasons, had approached the Phillies and another team about a Young deal even before clubs descended upon the Gaylord Opryland. 


It seems like the Phillies have been trying to acquire Young for four years. He’s an upgrade of the huge hole they have at third base, but he’s not young.

No longer an All-Star, Young batted .277 with eight home runs and 67 RBIs last season. He had a low on-base percentage of .312 and an OPS of .682, the lowest of his career and an almost 100-point drop from the previous decade.

Rube loves him some old white guys this time of year, and I’m not talking about Santa. The Phillies need to get younger, or add a superstar (Hamilton), or address their needs in the outfield, before we should get excited about Michael Young. That said, he’s better than what they got and he’s durable.

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  1. If the Rangers 3/4 of my remaining salary and the Phillies only give up a middle reliever and a low-level prospect to get me, I can also sway Josh Hamilton to come to Philadelphia.

  2. If the Phillies give up next to nothing, then I’m OK with it – I’d imagine Texas wants his salary off the books to help with signing of Hamilton and/or Greinke.

  3. bout time rube.
    now get his drug addict teammate to come to philly.
    Also gives Chase a new running mate

  4. Id rather play Frandsen
    Name one player who leaves Texas and has better numbers or ever the same.
    Can Young even play a full season at 3B anymore?

  5. Rube loves trying to acquire people for years. When he gets his dick wet for someome he tries til he gets him…even if he is 36 an d a shell of his former self. Why not just pick Kim Batiste off the scrap heap.

  6. So much for the whole getting younger thing. I’m with the Beez on this, Frandsen is a low cost option who displayed some promise last year.

  7. Ty Wigginton had a .688 ops last year. He actually hit better than Young…and they’re both butchers with the glove at this point. There’s a VERY strong argument to be made that we already have better options at 3rd than Young. If anything at all worth having is given up, this would be a terrible deal.

  8. I’m damn leery of this deal. For starters, Young is 36, so the Phils aren’t getting younger, and his numbers went down the proverbial toilet last season. That tells me he’s either cooked or just about to come out of the oven, and that worries me Young might a lemon or worse, damaged goods. Didn’t Ruben learn anything from the Sixers and the Andrew Bynum fiasco? Even if it’s just for one year, Young is simply not worth the risk. I say stick with Frandsen, otherwise, why did the Phils give him a contract in the first palce?

  9. unless this is part of a plan to get Hamilton here, fuck it.
    id rather go with Fransden and Ruf, and have everyone and their mom picking against the Phillies to win anything just like ’07 and ’08, this team does better when they’re counted out.
    top priorities – Bullpen and CF. focus RUBE.

  10. I don’t think anyone is complaining about the money here Chris. It’s the fact that they seem to be going in wrong direction by (possibly) signing ANOTHER aging player in decline.

  11. JD, it’s for one season. It improves the team. It’s at a discount. He’s fighting for his career and possible FA contract going into 2014. We will see the best that Young has if they sign him. 90% of baseball players put up above average seasons in that very scenario. Shut the hell up and go clean your room son!

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