UPDATE: Angels Sign Josh Hamilton

UPDATE: My God. According to reports, the Angels have signed Josh Hamilton to a five-year, $125 million deal

Yeah, wow is right. So much for that.

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41 Responses

  1. 5 years, 125 million…
    welp cant blame Ruben. The Angels are becoming hilarious, what are they thinking? Build around Trout. They’re gonna waste that kid’s prime by weighing themselves down with big veteran contracts.
    i wanted him, but 5 years is too much risk. fuck the angels for breaking the market.

  2. Fuck this. And they probably won’t get Swisher. Can’t wait for 86 years wins next year and 3rd place. Meanwhile, we’ll lose another 25% in TV ratings and probably lose $2 billion because of that. But hey, at least we saved some money this offseason right guys?! Fuck Amaro. Almost wish we would have just signed BJ Upton at this point because we’re going to be stuck with that bald overrated faggot Cody Ross.

  3. 5 years 125 is insanity, fuck that noise. Trumbo is a nice player but he strikes out alot and we have nobody left to trade except? hmmmmmm…

  4. @fresh
    stop bitching about Amaro. Did you want him to give Hamilton 5 fucking years? Geezus. I think you secretly want Amaro to sign Cody Ross just so you can complain about it.

  5. the phillies run is over…it was nice while it lasted…but hey they can keep living in the glory of 2008…..fuck this

  6. @boom
    Yes, I did want to give Hamilton 5/125. Why? Because this team is going NO WHERE this year without a big power bat like him. They are set to win now because they have no farm system thanks to dumbass Amaro.

  7. So much for for Ruben fortifying the offense. Back to mediocre, Utley and Howard are almost done, we will soon be signing another over the hill “slugger” whose days are done. Poor Hamels, Lee and Halladay – no run support again.

  8. Hilarious. The same people bitching about not signing Hamilton are the same people that most likely bitch about Amaro continuously loading up on $100M+ contracts for guys that are over 30 years old.

  9. Hamilton is a headcase he would never have produced here. Good luck with that blow problem of yours, there’s not much cocaine in LA or anything…

  10. The phils will be fine with this lineup now… they just need to get Rollins out of leadoff (which aint gonna happen).
    If the pitching stays healthy they’ll be a WC team.
    Hamilton woulda made them a legit WS contender and probably the favorite but to say they’re done is ridiculous
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  11. you people saying it is an overpay and they wouldnt have done the deal are complete losers. number 1, what do you even care? these teams have so much money, a contract like this doesnt even register as a blip on a team like the angels’ revenue. number 2, this contract is a steal. pujols and fielder got 9 year deals for the same money!
    phillies could have easily done this deal with no problem.

  12. Rube & the owners have no balls. Just give him 5 years & win back the division from the nats. What a fucking joke

  13. The Nats are going to totally implode this year, mark my words.
    Girls of Philly = Slores of Delco

  14. Josh is an old friend of mine – he was at the Penthouse Club last night taking shots off my body when he got the call from the LAA. Said Ruben would only give him 3 years, $80M.

  15. Rachel is mentally impaired as a result of multiple donkey punches from old friends in Fubu gear and Jordans.

  16. That’s a horrible contract. No way that guy should be locked up for that long. Angels will be regretting it in a year or 2.

  17. 31 years old
    5 years at 25 per.
    Even if stays clean, he’s been wearin-and-tearing himself up.
    2 decent years to come, then fades into “Well the after the Angels can dump Hamilton’s contract in 2 years they’ll be able to make some moves again”

  18. HA @ a recovering cokehead living anywhere near Hollywood, let alone a celebrity cokehead. The Angels better get Dr. Drew on speed dial before spring training.

  19. That’s too much money for a mental patient with drug problems that can’t keep his dick in his pants, so he’s in store for a nasty divorce which will send him into a disastrous downward spiral. In other words the Angels are dumb. They may win the WS short term but in 5 years everyone wishing he was in Philly will say “Wow, I’m glad Rube didn’t ink THAT contract!” Seriously though.

  20. Most of you are idiots…
    Typical philly dumb fans…you don’t sign the big name free agent so therefore we are going to have a losing season?
    Giants won a world series with who? Marco Scutaro??? Huff? Sandoval? Pence? These guys are nothing to right home about and are not big name players. Hell I would say the Giants hitting is on par with the Phillies…
    You win with good defense, solid pitching and TIMELY hitting. We got the starting pitching, we got a closer just need some bullpen help. We filled 3rd base and we could use some help in the outfield. After that, you let your pitching carry you and then get some guys to come through in the clutch…
    Spending money doesn’t guarantee a championship.

  21. ya know…Joe Mauer makes a ton of money. he can also play lf, rf, 1b, and still catch. How nice would it be to have an insurance policy against howard missing time and have mauer catch when ruiz rests? He’s a high obp/contact hitter, 5 time mvp with above average pop. The twins are in rebuild mode, they had the guy on waivers in August. Unfortunately the already got a couple of our prospects for Ben fucking Revere. kick the tires RAJ.

  22. Hamilton….in L.A., land of hookers and endless blow. Yeah, that’ll work well. Anybody thinks he’ll last the full five years, given his substance abuse baggage? I sure as hell don’t. That deal has trouble written all over it, and there’s not enough pitching to go along with all those boppers, which means a whole lot of high scoring games with no guarantee of the Angels being on the positive side of the ledger, or even making the playoffs in 2013 or beyond. Again, losing Hamilton doesn’t bother me in the least.

  23. not gonna be able to sign trout after his rookie contract hopefully he comes home and plays for the phils, was at the birds tonight and was reppin the eagles jersey , the kid loves this city

  24. Yup-in about 5 years when he’s no longer arbitration eligible and the angels have paid a few more aging stars we can nab Trout and bring the kid home.

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