Sponsored: Tell Us Your Most Memorable Andy Reid Moment, Win Joe Conklin’s New Comedy DVD

Following the first Eagles win in over two months, but still assuming that Andy Reid will be fired after the season, we thought it would be a good time to ask you for your most memorable (good or bad) moment in the Andy Reid era… with the help of the comedic stylings of Joe Conklin. 

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Want to win a copy? Between now and end of day today (Monday), comment on this post with your most memorable or favorite Andy Reid moment (good or bad, no more than a few sentences). The most thoughtful or entertaining response will win a signed copy of Voices In My Head. Be sure to leave your email address so we can notify you if you’ve won. 

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90 Responses

  1. When Andy Reid came right back to coaching after his own son’s funeral. That was my favorite experience from over the years with him in Philly, solely because it showed that he was truly dedicated to giving this team a fighting chance to win through all the years of adversity.

  2. a couple years ago when he said he would go to war with this team. it was probably the last time i actually liked Andy.

  3. When he threw David Akers under the bus the same week Akers’ daughter was diagnosed with cancer. I will not forgive Andy for that one.

  4. no doubt it was the video of him during the punt, pass, and kick competition that cbs aired during one of the games when he was like 12 years old. that was incredible!

  5. Andy’s “ham sandwich” quote the day after the 3rd Miracle at the Meadowlands:
    “It was a heck of a game to watch if you made it to the fourth quarter,” Reid said at his news conference Monday. “But I’m sure there were a lot of them that said, ‘You know what? They’re stinking the place up and let’s go have a ham sandwich or something.’ The ones that watched it all the way through, or watched the replays, that was a heck of a game.”

  6. The only time Reid ever blamed anyone for anything it was David Akers for missing 2 FGs til while his daughter was in the hospital with cancer. Of course family was never a priority for the fat walrus, he just ignored his until… Oh yeah, that’s right.
    His 69-62-1 record (with playoffs) since 2005 is pretty great, too.

  7. Change the prize to a night with Joe Conklin’s daughter and I’ll make up some stupid memory and play this game.

  8. Hmmmm… SO MANY choices. Too many, in fact.
    So I’ll go with the most directly football related….
    Freddie Mitchell, Jerome McDougle, Brodrick Bunkley, Brandon Graham, and Danny Watkins. That’s some Class A drafting skills there! All 1st Round picks. All busts.

  9. I’d have to say my favorite Reid moment was that he was the centerpiece of this contest, which has and will continue to make me laugh for the rest of the day as I read these comments.

  10. The time I walked in on him in the Nova Care complex bathroom and he was sticking a plunger up his ass.

  11. Going way back when you had the Captain Obvious videos with Ricky Waters…they were hilarious.

  12. Most memorable? When Jeff Lurie brought Reid back for a 15th season after it took him 13 weeks to realize Jim Washburn was a sea anchor. I know it didn’t happen yet, but next year when I’m a full fledged Patriots fan that will be my most memorable moment.

  13. Perhaps how excited he was after winning a single game against the Ray Sciano led Buccaneers. Nothing more moving than watching Andy and Howard Mudd rub their big tits together.

  14. Andy will not be fired. Mark my words. Lurie will evaluate the situation – depleted O-line, injuries to skill position players, not to mention a pretty tough schedule – and he will allow him one more year to prove himself. The schedule will be much easier next year since they’ll finish in last place, giving Foles some hopefully easier opponents. And for a 4-9 team, they actually looked pretty energized the entire game against the Bucs. Not sure if it’s the play-hard-or-heads-will-continue-to-roll mentality or what, but they looked good yesterday (minus the muffed punt). They only had two penalties the entire game, which is incredible considering King Dunlap holds on every play.

  15. Had to be when he promoted, then unpromoted, Kevin Kolb to starting QB, beginning the Michael Vick era.

  16. Conklin better work on his Jon Gruden impersonation…..
    If Lurie kicks Reid upstairs i’ma gonna be really pissed
    “cause I ain’t no band leader”

  17. his bet with terrell owens that if he had 15 touchdown catches than andy would be running around the field in spandex

  18. Since some that i would have said are taken i would say when he would go on missinelli’s show and mention eskin multiple times which would really piss mikey miss off

  19. The 62 times that Andy said I’ve got to do a better job!!!! Times yours-Video’s Mine!11

  20. “No idea how you did it, but all I know is your heart is as big as my waist!!” That quote pretty much sums Andy Reid up. And how I’d like to remember him.

  21. I was flying to Salt Lake City, Utah for a ski vacation a few years back. Andy, his wife, one of his sons, and his son’s friend happened to be on the same flight heading to Salt Lake. Andy boarded the plane before the rest of his family and sat first class. His wife, son, and son’s friend sat in the back of the plane. A few days Donovan got traded and he wore the same Hawaiian shirt he was wearing on the plane to the press conference. That sums Andy Reid up for me.

  22. Beginning that Dallas game with an onsides kick is my favorite. Although, that fat man-hug shared by Reid and Mudd after Sunday’s W is a close second.

  23. The Game in 2009 when Andy shoulder checked a 49er for an uncalled late hit on DeSean. It was a rare time I felt like the man had a little Philly in him.

  24. Andy memory for me for me was when he went after Dunlap on the sidelines in front of everyone….about 13 seasons late.

  25. Andy Reid both in the locker room celebration and at the podium for the presser after the DeSean Jackson walk-off punt return touchdown against the Giants. Easily the most animated and human we ever saw him act.
    “I think I’m going to go walk around in a fur coat.”
    Awesome stuff.

  26. Easily the happiest moment I’ve had as an Eagles fan… watching Dawk lift the NFC champ trophy. Reid still gave us years of exciting seasons and playoff runs. Too bad they never ended the right way.
    Beautiful Day…

  27. Remember that time when he was a fat, arrogant, demeaning, cunty “i’m smarter than you” asshole after that game?
    Oh boy! That was my favorite! We howled and we howled, saying “There goes that Andy again. OOOOOOH YOU!” Then elbowed each other in jest. Ugh…
    And keep the hack’s fuckin DVD.

  28. Benching McNabb vs. the Ravens. How it was handled. Sending the QB coach over to tell him he wasn’t going back in. That should have told us something back then.

  29. Definitely the Monday Night Football game where Vick destroyed the Redskins during his whopping 3 weeks as a half decent QB when the announcers (who had completely run out of ideas of things to talk about in such a mega-blowout and they had already shown the punt, pass, and kick footage a billion times) decided to talk about how Vicks’ re-emergence is, in part, due to Reid’s familiarity with convicts because his sons were in jail for drug charges. It was the perfect example of how the national media for some reason slobbers all over Reid. Yeah, Vick had a good game because he’s a convict and because Reid is an expert in convicts because his sons are drug addicts. Makes perfect sense. Also, it’s a positive thing that his sons are addicts, right national media?

  30. ^^^^ Exactly. Reid courted the national media and treated the local guys like red headed stepchildren.
    Kyle has the emails to prove it.

  31. I have to go wsith trhe playoff game in new orleans when jeff garcia was the qb.the eagles recoverd a fdumble to get the ball back with like 3 minutes to go.It was 4th & 10 they complete a pass for a 1st down but the refs called herremans offside so now its 4th & 15 with about 2 minutes left and reid decides to punt the ball from around midfield and duece Mcalister ran the clock out and the birds never got the ball again.kinda sums up reids tenure here.why did he punt the ball?i did however hit a $100 reverse thaat night good for $400 eagles and the over

  32. The time the chain crew guy got the pole stuck in between Andy’s legs and pulled up, and Andy gave him a death stare

  33. True Story, True Story. My most memorable Andy Reid moment took place while I was working in the club suites at the Vet, in the summer of 1999 a large man was walking down the hallway after a Phillies game and a co-worker and myself were walking closely behind, I noticed the man was taking home with him the leftovers from a large cookie tray platter, which enticed me to not so quietly mumble something along the lines of “this fat ass doesn’t need to take those cookies home with him,” which drew an awkard glance back from Big Red himself, I was quickly notified by my co-worker that was the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and I was the first fan to “heckle” him. It turns out the leftover cookies were a symbol for Andy Reid’s unfinished business in winning a Super Bowl while with the Eagles.

  34. Joe Conklin is as white trash as they come. I’d trade him to the “other side” for Will Smith any day.

  35. My most memorable Andy Reid moment had to be taking the field right after his son passed away. One can only imagine the thoughts running through his head during this time. His son dies suddenly, while he was at training camp with him. I would think that the two things he loves most, his family and football, were now forever changed for him. Most likely, his son was at camp with him in an effort to stay on the straight and narrow and it failed. Andy tried to bring his son into the other part of his life and it failed. Were there feelings of failure as a parent? I’m sure. Your son just died of drugs on your watch, so to speak. Couple that with the intense sadness of losing your child and I really don’t know how Big Red took the field for that game. That was the single strongest thing I have ever seen done in sports. Some people may say that he did it to possibly distract himself but I truly think that Andy was on the sidelines because he felt that he owed it to the players to be there. No matter his failings as a coach, the man will always get my utmost respect and sympathy because of that.

  36. Andy Reid had Fourteen years to win us a championship. It’s time to say goodbye; but knowing Jeff Laurie, he may decide to keep him based upon him working another year with Nick Foles.

  37. I would have to say out of all his bad calls. the one that sticks in my head has to be the onside kick to start the game against washington in 2009 that back fired.

  38. The time Andy Reid took his time calling plays in the Super Bowl and Bill Belichick had no idea what he was doing. And those were sadly the good days of his tenure.

  39. Come on everyone. No matter the dislike for Andy Reid in many ways, the absolute most memorable moment over the last 14 years was finally winning the NFC title when we beat the Falcons in 2004 and Andy Reid stood up there with the trophy on the stage at midfield. As much as he screwed up that Super Bowl, for 2 weeks it was like I was walking on air knowing my team was finally going to the Super Bowl.
    It’s time to go now, but that was by far the most memorable moment of the era.

  40. My most memorable Andy Reid moment was when he crossed the line enough to give you all the new material you have and you included the talent of your daughter! Great job Joe!!

  41. When Andy got in Cullen Jenkin’s face during the August 20th pre-season game against New England this year. Even though a pre-season game, it was the first time I ever saw Andy go off on one of his players while the camera was on him.

  42. My most memorable Reid moment was when I surgically cut open his flabby pimple ridden grease filled gut and performed a c section to rescue all the small children, whales, and big macs he gorged upon daily. I took the kids and fed them to the whales and stabbed the whales with RHEA HUGHES razor sharp nipples and then absorbed the nig macs rectally. After that, I put my small, infected, lousy 1 inch boner inside the penis hole of Andy Reid, enflaming the tip of his erect 7 and 5/8 inch boners. When I slid his pulsating flesh inside my mouth, it made me think of all the times I fucked my terribly Jewish mother in her red, coarse, festering anus until it bled and I drank the blood. When I achieved climax and ejaculated into Reid’s Burger filled mouth, I tried to slit his throat with a rusted machete, so I could shit in his neck and fuck it, but it didn’t work because e had 8 necks, and the grease from the top layer alone was enough to melt my weapon to juice…which I then drank and then threw up into Reid’s mouth instead. When we were done fucking his wife in her loose awful cunt, I stuck razor wire in it and flossed her cunt with it and then ate porter house steak with Andy. Then he shit himself and went home to jerk off with the diarrhea that he sprayed all over his feet. The end.

  43. I always supported Reid, but when he left LeSean McCoy late in the already-decided game at Washington and McCoy got concussed, Reid should’ve been fired on the spot.

  44. When he bought donuts for the people who waited in line to buy tickets for his first playoff game against T.Bay I’m sure their wasn’t a dozen in that box.

  45. Our first playoff win with Andy when we beat down the bucs 31-9 and then went to Chicago and Hugh Douglas ended Jim Miller’s career

  46. “We’ll take Michael Kolb and go play, baby…It’s a beautiful thing.” What. The. Fuck? Not only did he invent a new player, he invented a new player consisting of a guy who is one hit away from being in a persistent vegetative state and a guy who lost a starting job to John Skelton.

  47. I hate 90% of all Eagles fans. Everybody that hates on Andy with the vindictiveness that they spew are complete and utter jackoffs. Do I think Reid’s time has come and gone? Yes. But how soon we forget what Buddy Ryan (minus the dominate D), Rich Kotite and Ray Rhodes accomplished. Last time I checked I’m still validating my loyalty to inbred Steeler fans and Guido fuck stick Giants fans on why I’m still a fan, while they have 6 and 4 rings respectively. My answer to these GED having leaches on society is I love this team and these past 14yrs have been more memorable then the previous 20. I’ve watched one. Count em. One Super Bowl that I had any interest in that did not involve shots of Sambuca and dominating in beer pong. If Andy by some miracle keeps his job, fine. I’d rather him mentoring Foles over who? Bill Cowher? Jon Gruden? Chip Kelly? If that’s your plan, do yourself a favor, go back to grade school, learn to read and write then come back with a valid argument.

  48. Someone who places such an emphasis on education should learn how to spell “leeches” correctly. You stupid asshole!

  49. WilksbareNeedsWaWa is a stinky no good rotten pussy with lots of lice ridden pubic hair that he shaves off and feeds to his baseborn bastard children. If you’re a true eagle fan like me, you want Reid to munch on a diarrhea sandwich, faggot.

  50. Reid & McNabb got to the Mountaintop vs the Patriots. That 2004 season was as good as it gets for Eagles fans.
    Dick vermeil 1980. Sacking troy Aikman 11 times on MNF.
    The memorable little victories along the way.
    Those horrid 70s teams were the laughingstock of the league.
    Not anymore.
    Anybody but Gruden. In the 90s he was a cokehead with a different woman in every city. maybe people change.most times they don’t.
    There’s a local sports guru who nailed Reid’s shortcomings:
    ” We knew from day one what a shitty playcaller he was”

  51. GREG, please stfu. We lost the superbowl along with 4 other NFC championship games. That superbowl visit means jack shit now.

  52. Wilkes-BarreneedsWaWa…. please name another QB OTHER than McNabb that Andy “mentored” to be a good QB… Feely SUCKED….. Kolb SUCKED…. Vick caught lightning in a bottle and then he SUCKED… so pelase stfu about Andy Reid

  53. The onside kick on the the opening kickoff in his first game as head coach in Dallas was pretty awesome!! Since then, a lot of meh.

  54. I remember awhile back, Andy would was really concerned with the wind. Enough to bring it up for several post game news confs now he just bows it out his ass!

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