The Eagles Lead The League!

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In having the most vegetarian friendly NFL stadium. 


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While the Linc is undoubtedly the greenest structure this side of Al Gore’s vacation home on a glacier, it is also the most vegetarian friendly… you know, so all you cheesesteak roast pork dripping juicy fucking cheeseburger juicy fuck zucchini obsessed Birds fan can dine daintily during Eagles losses.

That is all. Andy Reid is still the coach, but you can get a plate of grass and a side of squash behind each end zone. Thanks, Christina Lurie.


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  1. What I want to know is, who gets let go next Monday after the Eagles secondary make whoever the hell the Bucs’ QB and primary receiver are look like Steve Young and Jerry Rice?
    Are there any coaches on the defensive side left to fire? I bet it’s either a linebacker coach or Mudd.

  2. F*ck that crap. I make my migration from where I live in NC to Philly once a year to catch an Eagles game. And I’m in the stands drunk as hell eating a cheesesteak loaded. I’ve got the grease spots on my McCoy jersey to prove it. Badge of honor.

  3. All this “Green Energy” Al Gore climate global warming is a FRAUD. Polar Bears aren’t drowning.
    They want to charge corporations a “Carbon Tax” on the “footprint” they leave on the environment.
    Just like Lurie charges for the $4 pretzels.
    Badge of Honor: I got Jon Runyan to autograph my football when he toured our facility.
    a week later i gave it away to another Eagles fan i met at a quik stop.
    Wilbert Montgomery and Frank Lemaster had lunch at my house.
    Roman Gabriel stiffed me for an autograph ( i’m still in therapy)
    Roy Halladay told my daughter to leave his family alone at Putt Putt. FUCK HIM.

  4. Don’t care really. Nats’ signed Dan fucking Haren. Rube is going to do a whole lot of nothing. This city is so fucked without hockey. Sad times.

  5. The eagles got the number one rating because of all the grass vick has been eating through his face mask each game

  6. HAHAHHAHA. So the Eagles are trying to help you obese, mouth breathing, neanderthal Eagles fans from dying at 40 of heart disease and they get made fun of for it.
    I guess they figure they can’t sell as many tickets if you all die of the heart attackes that you will inevitablly have.

  7. I don’t have a story. just a regular guy who loves hockey, football and the Truth.
    an associate forwarded me an email of Ray Didingers. Out of repsect and i’m allergic to lawsuits, I can’t reveal the contents.
    As we all suspect, the blame is laid at the feet of Reid and Marty.
    ps Kyle still hasn’t called Claude Giroux

  8. To celebrate that tremendous honor, I’m gonna have a fat, greasy cheesesteak for lunch. And dinner. Yum!

  9. Leading the league in being vegetarian friendly? No wonder why they’re playing like a bunch of pussies all year

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