Last week’s Monday Night Football game between the Eagles and Panthers was the lowest rated of the season, according to Deadspin’s weekly TV ratings jammy jam:

Monday, Nov. 26:
Monday Night Football: Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers (ESPN): 10.8 million viewers [Note: This was MNF's least watched broadcast of the season. Even both games of the Week 1 doubleheader had more viewers.]
Dancing with the Stars (ABC): 16.3 million viewers 


Hear that, Jeffrey? A team that, not more than 14 months ago, was considered to be one of the biggest draws is now hosting the least-watched MNF game of the season. Still think the problem can be ignored?

Speaking of MFNPlayboy has an excellent article (it's about a month old) about Jon Gruden and what a football geek he is. This part stood out:

Cindy Gruden is a patient woman. The petite blonde, a former University of Tennessee cheerleader—“I was the girl at the top of the pyramid!”—has wed one Gruden man and raised three Gruden boys. She can get kids to school before the bell and to practice on time and can get dogs walked and cats fed, but the one thing she finally said enough is enough to was fired football coaches showing up at her house at four a.m., ringing the doorbell and then shuffling in and heading to the office of her husband, Jon Gruden, to watch videotape with the Super Bowl–winning ex–Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach and Monday Night Football announcer. They just kept coming, hangdog expressions and collared short-sleeve shirts, still smelling of a hundred miles of car air-conditioning, and Cindy Gruden is a kind woman. She wasn’t going to turn away these tired and broken men who sought out her husband for fellowship and companionship in their time of need.

“I love coaches,” says Cindy. “These are good guys, smart guys, intense guys. But come on, I’ve got a family to run.”

And so Cindy told Jon to find an office outside their home in the gated Avila community. He set off down Tampa’s North Florida Avenue until he came to a forlorn little strip mall grandly named the Florida Professional Group, between Rheem Team AC & Cooling and Austin Septic Systems, where the landlord talked him into paying $900 a month for a one-room office facing a swamp. The carpet is gray, the walls are brown tongue-in-groove and the windows are filthy—not that you’d notice, because the light is awful, and not that Jon cares, because he keeps it dark in there all day anyway to watch game films. He emptied his garage of his videotapes and monitors, set it all up here and started operating what he half jokingly calls the FFCA, the Fired Football Coaches Association.


Read the full thing here. It’s SFW, but there is an ad with a barely-cloaked ass on the right-hand side.