The Media is Literally Lining Up to Cover Today’s Press Conference at the NovaCare Complex

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.19.43 AM
Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.19.43 AM
No word on why the Eagles moved Jeffrey Lurie’s press conference* back to 1 p.m. But perhaps it’s because of the crush of media descending upon the NovaCare Complex for Andy Reid’s memorial service. Or because the Eagles were unprepared. Or because it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Whatever.

Check out some of these Tweets from Eagles scriptuals and other local media folks about the line to get in, after the jump.

*Andy Reid, who met with employees and players this morning, will not be made available to the media. Howie Roseman will meet with reporters after Lurie.


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  1. Now that’s some great coverage. Perhaps one of the biggest media events in Eagles history and Kyle is at home monitoring twitter and reposting other reporters work yet he considers himself to be part of the “media”. Perhaps this is why you have problems be credentialed for any significant games/events?

  2. Hey JBPHP: Kyle can solve things real quick by disabling comments….
    then you’d really be poopin ur pants with no where to vent.

  3. For all the shit responses they dealt with over the years, the reporters should have tee’d of on Andy at yesterday post game, knowing they may not get the opportunity today.

  4. @Kyle, I wouldn’t consider it to be career advice. I just like to call a spade a spade when I see one. But your “career” has come to reposting tweets for those who are not smart enough to use Twitter themselves.
    If I was giving career advice I would have told you concentrate more on content than getting advertisers. Sure, ads pay the bills however its hard to find people to pay advertise on a shitty website. That probably explains the quality of your advertisers.
    Also, you should give up the TV gigs, you suck at it and look/sound like a complete idiot (exhibit A:

  5. JBPHP… why are you so mad? I’m fairly certain it’s fueled by jealousy. The simple fact that you went back two months (which probably took at least 5 min of your time, unless you saved the link under your favorites originally) to find a video to attempt to bring him to your level is pathetic. I just like to call a spade a spade when I see one JBPHP… And you’re a fuckin spade.

  6. Figures Jew Jeff Lurie trusts his franchise to another jew Howie. Jews will set eagles back

  7. lol…. what a fuckin loser. JBPHP… just because ive defended Kyle on occasion im a “fanboy?” He runs a site that more often then not entertains me. No site provides everything which is why I check many sites. Sad haters like you love to point out everything this site doesnt provide yet you spend time here, just like you spent time looking up my comments. You’re pathetic

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