The Phillies Offered Ichiro a Two-Year Contract

W wh wha what?!

The Phillies apparently offered Ichiro a two-year, $14 million deal:


That’s news, and it indicates that the Phillies are bargain (and old man?) hunting this winter. Ichiro is 39 and at the very tail end of his career. He’s durable, yes – he played in all but one game since since 2010 – but he's far from the player he once was, with his OBP dipping to .310 and .307 the past two seasons, respectively (though he did hit .322 with a .340 OBP for the Yankees the second half of last season).

For the final outfield spot, the Phillies have been linked to everyone from Josh Hamilton to Cody Ross, with Ichiro falling somewhere in the middle of that aged and curious spectrum, whose membership I would imagine requires a wrinkly body and old balls.

Alfonso Soriano, Nick Swisher and other assorted players who were much better options in 2010 are also included in that group.


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10 Responses

  1. i love how much bullshit gargano and macnow were full of shit on the josh hamilton thing, they both should be suspended for that shit, but then again look what radio station they work at.

  2. Now this is really starting to look like the Flyers season of trying to sign big name players….not looking good.

  3. @Bob
    the Flyers didnt lose out on Parise and Suter. They both wanted to butthump eachother in Minnesota. That’s where Suter wanted to be, and Parise wanted to go where Suter went. It wasnt about not coming to philadelphia for either.
    It’s not like the Rangers or Penguins or another team of relevance got them. Hell Parise was the Devils’ franchise player and he said no thanks. That’s way worse than the Flyers.
    The biggest free agent/restricted free agent out there was Shea Weber and he wanted to come here but Nashville decided to screw themselves by taking Paul Holmgren’s poison pill contract and now theyre paying him millions in bonus money to not play.
    in summary get over the flyers non-failures.

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