The Sixers are Getting Closer to Paying YOU to Come to Games

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Don’t want to come? Fine, we’ll pay you!


For $60, you can get two tickets to three Sixers games (that’s six tickets with a $10 per game average, for those of you who suck at math) and an autographed player photo and a $50 gift certificate to Golden Nugget Jewelers, which you can use to buy, like, 1% of a reasonably-sized diamond.

There are three packs from which to choose: Jrue’s Jingle Pack, Jason’s (Richardson) Joy Pack – it comes with the 11th best seats in the second level - and Spencer’s Snow Pack. Personally, I would have named the packs Passionate, Intense, and Proud, but I guess that’s tough to do when they pull from great games against teams like the Hornets, Wizards, Pacers and Kings, and, more reasonably, the Spurs and Grizzlies. 

Jokes aside, this isn't a horrible deal. It's a bit embarrassing. But a good deal. Go get ‘em!


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  1. I’m assuming golden nugget jewelers is paying the sixers. So it’s kind of a win win for the sixers. Good deal for fans that could increase ticket price and they’re getting paid for advertising by golden nugget jewelers.

  2. I wish they’d realize that putting a championship-caliber team on the court would sell tickets just as well.

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  4. It is a basketball town….it’s just that…everyone here…is a Bulls…or Heat…fan…Sorry that Philadelphia….is filled with….15 year old… snapback wearing…swagfags.

  5. @ Kyle maybe that is why the quality of the site is going down… you are making to much money from it and really dont give a shit anymore… the site was better when you were an unknown douche now that they give you air time on the radio and tv this shit sucks… You have become crossingbroads version of Mike Florio

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  7. top stories on this blog right now:
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    selling lunch with mickey morandini.
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    talking about charlie manager at a wrestling event.
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    WHAT? hahahah
    why do people read this blog again?

  8. Thanks to girlsofphilly and godfather locks, I now make 6 figures with the site. Probably more than you make in 5 years.
    Revenue or Profit? Just kidding.
    I like the sit. Where else can i get news on Pimp Slickback

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