UniDiction 2012 – Week 15 – Eagles vs. Bengals

Three more games to go this year…

The Eagles showed up in their best white jersey look (with white pants) last week; this was the second time this combo has shown up in the regular season this year. Usually it's  pre-season only (or sparingly in the regular season). As far as I'm concerned, that's why they won. Two other uniform events in Week 14: the Bengals wore their orange alternates against the Cowboys (more on those alternates below), and the Bills wore their "standing Buffalo" throwbacks. When the Bills wore spacesuits from 2002-10, those throwbacks made sense. Their current uniform is already a "kind of" throwback (maybe even a "fauxback" in language of the uniform-centric corner of the internet) which throws back to the era of the standing buffalo logo. It's certainly a nice uniform, but it doesn't need to exist anymore. (throwback, left).

Look for the Seahawks to wear their alternate grey jersey in a monochrome combination on Sunday which Nike is calling "Wolf Grey." I've said it at length before, but grey has only a minimal place on sports uniforms that aren't "away" baseball sets. That's a straight-up Nike ad. Also, look for the grey uniforms to look more-or-less just like the white uniforms. As an example, the second picture below shows grey pants, the fifth shows white pants. Look for this alternate uniform to be replaced with an 80s/90s throwback in the next 5 years.

The Bengals get a lot of flack for their tacky uniform, though I think it's not that bad (they've had tiger stripes since the early 80s, and I'm a sucker for the white/black/orange [Flyers] color combination). Your Eagles/Bengals UniDiction is after the jump.

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