UniDiction 2012 – Week 16 – Eagles vs. Redskins

… And one more to go after this week. This one's a rematch, though unlike the second Cowboys game, we'll see different uniform combinations in what will more-than-likely be Andy Reid's final game coaching from the "home" sideline at Lincoln Financial Field. With a three-way tie in the NFC East and a healthy (enough?) Robert Griffin, this may be a good game for fans of the NFL, but not so great for Eagles fans. It's not like an Eagles win hurts the Cowboys or Giants playoff hopes at all (and, let's face it, Redskins hatred isn't quite the same), and an Eagles loss pushes them in the right direction in the draft order. (note: I didn't put much research into either of those statements, but they seem accurate…)

Week 15 saw the Seahawks debut their grey alternate over grey pants. It was a darker shade of grey than it looked in press pictures, so maybe it won't end up looking like the white jersey for all intents and purposes. It's on the far-right, below. It would be nice if they used the neon green a little more liberally, especially if it showed up on the pants stripe. I still think an 80s/90s throwback will take the alternate slot in a few years. For trivia's sake, let me point out that the Bills wore blue jerseys, so the game had no team in white, a very rare occurrence in the NFL. Yeah, it's grey, so it's barely not white, and each time it's worn, expect to see the other team in the color jersey, similar to when the Patriots had a silver alternate from 2003-07. 


Your Eagles vs. Redskins UniDiction is after the jump.

click to enlargeWk16-redskins-vert_1

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49 Responses

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