Video: lya Bryzgalov Actually was Wearing a Space Suit at Mission Control

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 11.13.46 AMIt's important to note that this isn't a Photoshop

So you remember earlier this week when Ilya Bryzgalov told a Russian reporter that the reason why he was missing out on the Channel One Cup, an international tournament, was because he was at Mission Control, wearing a space suit? Well… it turns out he may have been telling the truth. 

No, not some figurative truth about being a space cadet. 


Bryz may have literally been wearing a space suit at Mission Control.

Our favorite nut was given tour of the Cosmonaut Training Center in Mother Russia, where he met with famous cosmonaut Valery Tokarev and, yes, put on a space suit. There is absolutely amazing video after the jump. But here’s a brief synopsis via [translated] 

In the program "Football 24" showed how Bryzgalov met with a hero of Russia, cosmonaut Valery Tokarev and asked him a few questions. "I'm interested in space and I did learn a little bit, but more by the stars – as infancy universe, how it all happened," – admitted goalkeeper. The astronaut said all that one sees in space, except for the planet Earth – "cold, lifeless and dead in our understanding." "There's a man can not live," – said Tokarev.

The program also showed how Bryzgalov dons the suit. "I like Darth Vader is from 'Star Wars'," – said the goalkeeper, when dressed in the clothes of the astronaut.


Does anyone else feel like Bryz is Buddy The Elf? He has childlike enthusiasm about weird things, seemingly comes from another planet, and though he may frustrate us, you can’t help wanting to just give him a big hug sometimes? 

Video after the jump.

via Broad Street Hockey, (@BillMeltzer) (@facepalmen)


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  1. Just watched that whole video and pretended like I knew what they were saying the whole time. What a nutty man.

  2. We should trade Bryz to the Russian Space Hockey team. Maybe he can actually stop a fuckin puck if there’s no gravity. And then we can get a real goalie here and get some fuckin jam! Lets get some fucking jam!!!! Fucking stawberry jam! Grape Jam! Peach Jam! Pearl Jam!!!!!! Fucking Marmalade!!!!!!

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    face it all you Dodge Ram knuckle draggers, Russia went into space 1st…..Sputnik, Russian Space Station and now Major Bryz.
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