Video: Michael Young Speaks About Being Traded to Phillies

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Well, something like that.

The newest Phillie, Michael Young, didn’t have any sort of introductory press conference (they don’t do that for 36-year-olds with one-year remaining on their contract who had to take 48 hours to decide if they even wanted to come here), but he did speak with quasi-sexy reporter Emily Jones. 

Young said that he’ll continue to live in Texas (no surprise there). He also sounds like Jason Babin, which makes me fight the urge to throw sparkling cider all over my monitor. 

Video after the jump.


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  1. “which makes me fight the urge to throw sparkling cider all over my monitor.”
    hands down the gayest way to display anger in the history of the internet.

  2. Jeez, Young doesn’t really seem real happy to be here. I hope that apathy doesn’t follow him onto the field. I’m sure if we recruit his dingleberry friend Josh Hamilton, he’ll feel better.

  3. Quasi-sexy? You must be desperate for some ‘tang, man. Come to the Linc, I’ll show you a good time.

  4. Hey Kyle, Babin had a sack that resulted in a turnover last week.
    Did reading that make you spit your boyfriends man juice all over your monitor?

  5. Agree with Christina Lurie’s Left Tit. I’m not even sure what ‘quasi-sexy’ means, but pretty sure it is not Emily Jones.

  6. Women sports reporters are either good at their job & mediocre-looking at best, or eye candy bimbos who obviously blew the producer for their job.
    Emily Jones must be good at her job.
    Mike Young can be as disgruntled as he likes, as long as he gives his all during the season is what counts.
    It’ll be a nice change to see the same person @3rd on a consistent basis!
    I think he comes off as trying to adjust to the transition in this interview, which btw has the worst freaking audio imaginable!
    The real test is when he comes to CBP to play; the effect is very polarizing to people: you either embrace it & love the vibe, the fans, etc… or hate it & think everyone in Philly is a certified D-Bag.
    Let’s not crucify the guy yet.
    Time will tell if he registers on the D-Bag scale, or overtakes King Babin for that title!
    I don’t think he’ll even come close to being a tool.

  7. Emily Jones looks like she just got done having a quickie in a bathroom stall. She could have at least taken a comb through her hair before the interview.

  8. Strattylight, He’ll be fixated on Babin for at least another year. I mean, he still embarrassingly rips on the Nationals like they’re a bottom of the division team, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few Richards/Carter posts if we get a few NHL games in this year.

  9. He is a mid-western guy obviously, loves Texas, & I don’t even mean his former team, but he seems still like a nice, respectful guy, who handles his business in a respectful matter. Should be a good player, not what he used to be, but for $6 mil, if he can at least do half of what he used to do on the field, I’ll take it.

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