Your Lockout Update: The NHL Waited Until December to Be Reasonable, and A Possible Reason To Momentarily Not Hate Sidney Crosby

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It "started" with a seemingly bogus report from CBS 4's Steve Burton in Boston:


Despite Bill Daly refuting the report rather quickly, here we sit two days later with assorted shreds of optimism that the NHL Lockout may be coming to an end.

Whether or not Burton truly has the inside track regarding the progression of talks is beyond me, but I'm not really here to delve into it either. The possibility exists that we may see NHL hockey before Christmas, and that's what matters.

Having said that, as you check your Twitter feed and watch the combined 44 seconds of ESPN SportsCenter coverage tomorrow during their six live hours of Tebow/RG III bullshit, remember that the lockout isn't over… yet.

Part of me is asking where the this effort was in September when the CBA was about to expire. I also wonder why Gary Bettman and the owners opened negotiations with such a lowball offer sending pessimism running through the veins of the hockey community. And then I read this piece from the Edmonton Journal's David Staples, pointing to a strategy reportedly executed by the NHL during negotiations:

“Apparently Gary is ready to get a deal done,” [Nick] Kypreos said. “He wants this thing done Friday. Friday!”

On Sportsnet’s Hockey Central show, Kypreos debated the issues withtwo other NHL insiders, former NHL GM Doug MacLean and sportscaster Daren Millard.

MacLean said that six weeks ago, he heard the NHL’s position, that “it is knock ‘em down, drag ‘em out until December 1st, and then at December 1st we’re getting a deal done.”


Fucking terrific. It was absolutely worth losing three months of hockey and thousands and thousands of fans. That's not even considering the cash cow that is the Winter Classic. All-Star Weekend in Columbus is also a goner, but hey, it's December 1st, the NHL is ready to negotiate!

Ironic is the fact that the most progress has been made without Bettman and the NHL Players Association's Donald Fehr. In addition to 18 current players and six of the league's owners, the aformentioned Daly sat in for the NHL while Donald's brother Steve represented the players. The move could prove to be a blessing considering the widespread resentment that the players have for Bettman.

What may be the most painfully odd factor for Flyers fans in all of this is the reported impact that Pittsburgh Penguins dickbag Sidney Crosby is having in all of this. He and Penguins co-owner Ron Burkle flew into New York City together, were present in yesterday's meetings that lasted more than eight hours, and are both participating in tonight's activities.

Rob Rossi of the Pittburgh Tribune-Review even went as far to write that "Burkle and Crosby were described by participants in the five-hour talks as voices of reason. 


So, where are we? Well…

The Players Association delivered an offer to the owners this afternoon, and the owners came back with a counter quickly. What's different about these proposals is that we actually know nothing about them. Nothing has leaked or been made public by either side. Although we're obviously curious, the lack of information available to us is probably a good thing and means that both sides are taking this latest round of negotiations seriously.

Meanwhile, Tim Panaccio is reporting the Board of Governors discussed a season that would feature anywhere from 50 to 60 games if the lockout ends. Ren Lavoie of RDS in Canada mentioned this:


So, if you've been paying attention, that would mean the NHL's next lockout will begin in September 2023.

As of this writing, the owners have just left the negotiating room, and there is no indication if talks have finished for the night or if they will continue. The NHL has set up a podium in the past hour, so we are expecting some sort of announcement, but there's no guarantee it's coming anytime soon.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Crosby cares about the fans, G on the other hand cares about getting fat and plugs for his thinning hair

  2. Hmmmm…
    Andy Reid play-calling or Lavs fist-pumps?
    Nnamdi missed tackle or Gingery dangles?
    Swiss cheese offensive line or #hartnelldown?

  3. Meh! I’m still skeptical. Either Fehr or Bettman or both, starved for attention will step in and screw things up all over again.

  4. It was all posturing until Crosby came to the table so that the NHL can suck his and the Penguins’ dicks even more.

  5. Voices of reason? Kyle of course they were. Owners want a system that favors towns like Shittsburgh even more than the present system. Pens are a small market team that, apparently, as opposed to the rest, makes a little money. Shift the leverage even more and they make more dough. And Crosby has his f-u $100 million contract in his pocket already so that little shit won’t fight for his coworkers. He’s probably already been promised a stake in the franchise. You should know better Kyle.

  6. I looked at G in disgust when I saw him in old city this past summer. His pot belly is out of control, he should be training non stop instead of drinking & carousing

  7. Ok Ryan my bad. Do a little more homework on the situation however. Kyle probably would have known better.

  8. Do homework on the situation to arrive at your opinion on what you think is happening in Pittsburgh and Sidney Crosby “having a stake” in the franchise? Last week, there were no voices of reason. My homework is done, brother, trust me. No reason to think otherwise because I didn’t reach your exact opinion.

  9. @Ryan Gillon- you love your beer & need to cut back. I’m worried about you & think you might have a problem.

  10. @Bleh, How about “Swiss cheese offensive line or Swiss cheese Goaltender”?
    Oh God give me Hockey, plus a 60 game season means, if history hold true, The Flyers will be peaking right as the playoffs arise.

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