15,000 People Showed Up to Watch the Flyers Practice Last Night

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 8.20.58 AMPhoto: Flyers

Insert your Allen Iverson reference right here_______.

Over 15,000 of you nuts showed up at the Wells Fargo Center last night to watch the Flyers practice. That’s only 1,000 less people than the average reported Sixers home attendance this season. Somewhere, Adam Aron is wondering how he can get more streamers and former American Idol contestants as in-house entertainment.

Our friend Nick Piccone of Bleeding Brotherly Love was at the practice and described the scene thusly:

Sean Couturier called it "awkward" to practice in front of that many fans. He's right. Nobody does that. Ever. Not even the Toronto Maple Leafs. But Thursday night, we cheered Bryzgalov's impressive performance. In practice. We jeered at Michael Leighton for giving up soft goals. In practice. We laughed at Wayne Simmonds for not being able to score at all. In practice.

Yeah. Hockey's back in Philadelphia.


Indeed it is. 

To give you an idea of how impressive this was, here is the crowd at the Toronto Maple Leafs’ open practice yesterday. Granted, this was during the day… but still:

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 8.26.30 AMPic via (@mirtle)

The Flyers nearly filled their building on a cold Thursday night in January.

After the jump you will find videos from the practice, Claude Giroux’s speech, and post-practice interviews.

You can see more, too, on the Flyers’ website and at Bleeding Brotherly Love.


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  1. I could care less how many Philadelphians had nothing better to do on a Thursday. What I want to know are the lines.

  2. Astonishing. Imagine the crowds come August on Flight Night when Chip Kelly holds practice at the Linc.

  3. Who would do that when they can sit at home and get so drunk they piss their bed? I just don’t get it, it’s practice people. Practice.
    Don’t buy NHL gear for 2 seasons. It’s the law of long strikes which cut your season short! Seriously people, man up, woman up, stand up for your damn selves. Yeah, i’ll watch every game, I’ll go to games, but buy gear I will not. I can live without fresh gear for two seasons, can’t you?

  4. They closed Xfin today to air it out from all the white trash pussy smell (mostly Delco girls)

  5. Can’t wait for Saturday when pens shut the no class flyers fans up. Hope Adam Asham puts that overrated pussy Claude G on his ass.
    I Can Feeeeeel Ittttttttt Innnnnnnn Theeee Airrrrr Saturday!!!!

  6. The arron asham comment is instant gold. You epitomize why we hate shitsburgh fans. You dont even know whos on your damn team!!!!! Bandwagon hoagie smoker or should i say “submarine” smoker?

  7. J Bo didn’t die, he just announced he’s quitting twitter.
    Te’o has passed in him death pool odds

  8. The Pens are a big-ass, nasty, stay at home, shutdown D again, I think Brandon Sutter is a big hitter, but….yeah. Maybe it’s just me but he’s a future star…

  9. Dear Son,
    I should have swallowed.
    P.S. you embarrass me with your lack of hockey knowledge. Brandon Sutter is garbage.

  10. Oh damn – for a second I thought that was an overhead shot of the waiting room inside Delco’s Unemployment Office

  11. Brandon Sutter is a natural at center, which is where he spent a majority of his time in Carolina. He’s centered the third line (or the checking line) consistently for the past two seasons, which means Sutter has been up against the most skilled players in the NHL. He’s no stranger to the penalty kill, and his defensive game is on point. But Sutter can and will score goals if given the opportunity. He rarely, if ever, got time on the power play in Carolina. The skills are all there: he’s quick, he passes well, and he knows when to take a shot and where to put the puck. I expect Sutter to sit consistently closer to 20 goals in an 82-game regular season now

  12. They closed xfin to air it out? better than half the draft class needing treatment for herpes from their romps with princess sass. i wonder if candy from the oak was her friend that also spent the entire weekend with underage cock stuffed in every hole on her body.

  13. haha copy and paste. Did you plagiarize at Temple too. Be original next time and think for yourself. Moron

  14. Does a Pens fan really not know who Asham is? And not even know he left? You are a wannabe fan dude. Go away.

  15. i’m actually impressed someone who likes or is from pittsburgh even knows how to copy and paste

  16. @ Cindy, they aired it out cause of the Delco trash who took advantage of free tixs since they can’t afford game tickets. n no that wasn’t me 🙂

  17. I can’t believe Flyers hockey is back!!! Big Blueline, Broad St. Bullies, Beers, Brawls, Backfatted Broads and Beefsteaks. LET’S GO FLYBOYYYYYYS. We want the cup. We want the cup. We want the cup. We want the cup. We want the cup. We want the cup. We want the cup. We want the cup. We want the cup. We want the cup. We want the cup. We want the cup.

  18. wow @Penguins Fan Who Goes to Temple. Thanks for making the Pens fanbase look like a bunch of idiots. You deserve all the insults from these fans haha. I’m a Pens fan but I was quite embarrassed reading that. Adam Asham… really? Wrong name and wrong team. 0 for 2 buddy. And quit trying to fight Philly fans on a Philly site, you really think you will win? I don’t think so.

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