A Change.org Petition for the Eagles to Bring Back Kelly Green Has Over 4,000 Signatures

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I’ve always thought that the online petition was sort of like the phony Craigslist posting in the interweb hierarchy– a low-hanging fruit story for bloggers and news outlets, and a legitimization of something that is either, in the grand scheme of things, frivolous or, well, illegitimate. But sometimes, they actually make sense. And what better way to get Jeffrey Lurie’s attention about switching back to Kelly Green uniforms than by starting a Change.org petition and then having local Philly outlets write about it? 

Twitterer and Zoo With Roy contributor Cranekicker has called attention to a petition for the Eagles to switch back to Kelly Green that has over 4,000 signatures already, mine included. It reads: We are not asking for throwback uniforms; a modern uniform design is appropriate, but Kelly Green should be the official color. It's more representative of our legacy, and the franchise is going through major changes that should be reflected by a change in our image as well.

The petition has already gotten some love from Philly.com's blog with a similar banner and FOX 29 (and now the best sports blog ever), and I’m sure will pick up more steam today. 

The call for Kelly Green is nothing new. The Midnight Green color scheme, championed by Earth-sexer Christina Lurie, has run its course. Hell, I pleaded for the change over a year ago, and ever since the Luries announced their divorce, which reportedly left Christina with no management authority over the team, the calls – on Twitter, specifically – have gotten louder.  A hurdle, though: Making substantial changes to logos or uniforms in the NFL is two-year process, which means that unless the Eagles submitted the change in 2011, we likely won’t see new uniforms in 2013. It’s possible that they did, but our uniform geek Dan Fuller* tells me that those things usually leak out and, to date, there have been no leaks related to the Eagles. So, we would likely be looking at 2014 at the earliest. [There is nothing concrete in the rule book about this, so it’s entirely possible it’s more of a “guideline” than a hard and fast rule.] 

I’d like to see the Eagles get creative with Nike, who began making NFL uniforms last year. At a way-too-hyped event in New York, the company unveiled the future… and only the Seahawks made any radical changes to their design. The Eagles should follow suit. It doesn’t mean much that Chip Kelly came from Oregon, which literally had a new getup each game thanks to being Nike co-founder Phil Knight’s alma mater, but the direct connection from the coach, last name Kelly, to Knight doesn't hurt the potential for a radical shift to Kelly Green uniforms. 

But no need for throwbacks. Any change should be modern and take advantage of having the evil geniuses at Nike at the ready.

Sign the petition here.

*I asked Dan if he wanted to handle this post, but upon hearing about the petition, he locked himself in a dark room with a box of tissues and this SI For Kids cover. Weird.

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  1. Can imagine all the Delco trash hogging up the free computer at the library to spend their welfare check on one

  2. If they switch to kelly green it MUST be a modernized version of it. The old ones just don’t do it for me. Nothing wrong with the current uniforms.

  3. Jeffrey the Jew pussy is too cheap to change back to Kelly green. Heard he hates Kelly green too

  4. I would love to see this change but I don’t see it. Midnight green is outdated and it would be a welcome sight to see this team back in the Kelly green uniforms they should be wearing. Midnight green was in when they made the change and they were aiming the organization in a new direction. Time to change things up again for the new era. Kelly green is a classic color and will also give them a vintage look and vintage is in now. Just look at the Flyers for example. They ditched the orange jerseys for black ones when black and other drab colors were in and now went back to the orange because that is what is in. The Sixers did the same thing. Don’t be afraid Lurie make the change.

  5. I say some1 should start a petition for the K-man to get rid of the enter letters & numbers in the imagine to make a comment on here. Chaps my a$$

  6. The Eagles should be careful with this. If they ask to change it, Phil Knight will probably make a shitty uniform on propose cuz he’s pissed at Chip for leaving Oregon.

  7. HOLY CRAP I REMEMBER THAT SI FOR KIDS ISSUE BUT LOST IT. Now I know where it went and I don’t want it back.

  8. @Tim Sheckler- I don’t get it, why would a county have a uniform? The logistics of getting everyone in that same uniform are mind boggling.

  9. Please use the term “uniform” loosely when referencing my previous comment…
    For example:
    Many Delco girls (who are all Trash FYI) tend to wear uggs, overly ripped jeans and/or yoga pants, a pink utley jersey with too many sparkles, and a shitty pink hat while attending Phillies games. I consider that the Female “Delco” uniform at Phillies games
    The Male Delco uniform for Eagles games usually consists of Timberlands, Diamond Studs, Jean Shorts, and some shitty faded jersey of Jon Ritchie, David Akers, etc. (because many refuse to wear the jersey of a black athlete)
    Fuck Delco

  10. Kelly Green = Era of losing. They went to one super bowl and lost, and most memories of that color are of the Eagles being a losing team. Stop harping on the color. They can change the unfiroms, but why is everyone so stuck on “Kelly Green?” They sucked in that color for the most part. Give us something completely new.

  11. @Tim Sheckler – Are you sure you’re not confusing Delco with South Philly and the Northeast? Sounds a lot like what those cretins from those two areas would wear.

  12. Re: “Kelly Green = Era of losing”
    Hey Tom! You do know the Eagles existed before your dumbass dad didn’t pull out in time? They’ve won 3 championships with the Kelly green, and dick with the shit green.

  13. James –
    Ever met anyone from Interboro Highschool? How about Springfield? Ever driven through Tinnicum? Ever been on the MacDade Blvd for more than 5 minutes?
    These creatures that live in Delco are the dredge of society. At least South Philly and the NE are aware of their trashiness. Delco is just as trashy, but have yet to embrace it.

  14. Teams heavily rumored (or leaked) as changing – some of these may be very minor like a trim detail, new pants option, or a new logo on a generally unchanged uniform:
    Browns (keeping the same helmet, though)
    Also, teams have scrapped proposed changes before the season started. That’s why the Bears can have orange pants in Madden 13, but they never wore them during the real 2012 season. All that to say, the Eagles have never shown up on those lists. It would be neat if they managed to change things without any word of it leaking out, but that’s unlikely.

  15. with the change in the regime, a uni change would only make sense. however, not sure exactly what change id like to see. the kelly green is intriguing but then again, if you are going to change something, why not go for something entirely new. in the end, my money says there is no change to take place anytime soon. if it took lurie this long to recognize the fan base displeasure over something as serious as a head coach, what makes you think he’ll change something as trivial as a uniform because of a mere petition.

  16. Tim Sheckler- What part of town you livin at? Now remember, if it’s anywhere but Gladwyne or Rittenhouse Square you will be unmercifully fucked with and have absolutely no future credibility to make fun of anyone’s town/ city/ boro, etc.

  17. I live in Old City Ozzy.
    I see you delco fucks piling onto rented yellow school busses and overtaking random bars in my neighborhood. I’m a champ at sniffing out delco garbage. I think the chinstraps, shitty diamond studs and menthol cigarettes help give it away.

  18. You didn’t grow up in Old City, did you? I’m fully aware that you won’t admit to what white trash town you hail from now that you are claiming the most over rated neighborhood in the city as yours. Answer me a few questions, is it exhausting being a hipster dick all the time? Is it hard being ironic all day long? Does your head get hot when you have a wool hat on in July?
    PS- I don’t live in Delco

  19. Ozzy –
    The fuck? You asked me where I live – I live in Old City. I don’t live with my parents, I’m a successful adult in my late 20’s. Now you’re asking where I grew up – I grew up in Doylestown. It’s a normal non-trash town in Montgomery County.
    I hate hipsters almost as much as I hate people from Delco, only Hipsters don’t start brawls and punch out car windows mid-blackout at 3am. But to answer your other question, no – I’m not a hipster.
    I’m just a guy that calls it like I see it – and I see delco as a shit hole.

  20. Old city is just Jersey trash that blew across the Delaware.
    That link’s broken.

  21. @Steve
    bwahahahaha … totally outed Sheckler
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  22. Timmy doesn’t even know what county he is from??? What a fucking nerd. My money says this clown is from Kensington. Or who knows, he’s probably from Delco himself.

    1. Sheckler is from Hatfield PA, all guys from Hatfield wish they grew up in Doylestown…

  23. Lol, sheckles got fuckin destroyed with that wool hat comment. Better pick a new name now, your done pussy.

  24. Sounds like Timmy lives in a box on chestnut street. There’s a hole punched in the side so he can make coin.

  25. You can tell who’s from delco by the people breaking my balls.
    Sorry the truth hurts fellas – take care of that chin strap and pill addiction – maybe then the rest of the Delaware Valley will start taking you seriously.

  26. Tim you lost all credibilty when you flubbed on the lie you told on here. Beat it pal. I am from Delco but now live in the city. I’ve never had a chin strap, worn Timbs, or had my ears pierced. Nor have I ever had a drug addiction or started a fight at bar in Old City at 3 a.m. Your generalizations of how people act and dress based off where they are from are weak and childish. Everyone county and town has its bad seeds. I’m sure even your mythical Doylestown in Montco has a few bad apples.

  27. Hope i see EDP at xfin tomorrow, want to say goodbye before he has a heart attack this summer

  28. How come no one has pointed out that D-Jax looks like he could have have been cast for the role of Radio in that picture. He looks like he is a few chromosomes sure of a full set.

  29. Hey Timmy where are you from buddy? Tell the truth this time.
    And fuck you Kyle you no talent ass clown.

  30. Change logo and all. Get rid of that dumbass black jersey also. While they are a it get matching tatoos like celek and foles.

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