An Oregon Website Says Chip Kelly is the Frontrunner for Eagles Head Coaching Job

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An Oregon site, Duck Territory, is reporting that Chip Kelly is the leading candidate for the Eagles head coaching job, calling him the "clear-cut frontrunner." As noted by Duck Territory, Zach Berman of reported something similar on Monday– that Kelly was a leading candidate for the Eagles.

Here’s more from Duck Territory:

It is unknown at this time whether Philadelphia has or is planning to offer Kelly final say on all roster transactions, which sources indicate could be a deal-breaker in all potential contract negotiations between Kelly and prospective NFL franchises.

Additionally, an NFL source indicated Wednesday morning that Kelly "will interview" with Philadelphia and the Cleveland Browns, with the Browns expected to offer more control over personnel.


That part about having full control of the roster is interesting. Lurie gave Howie Roseman a verbal handjob* at a press conference on Monday, fellating the young GM’s talent evaluation skills. Though Lurie said he’s open to any sort of structure in managing the roster – as long as a new head coach reports directly to him – you get the sense that he wants Roseman to play at least a part in those decisions.

Today, Kelly said he has "no idea what the future holds," which is coach speak for Imdafuckouttahere.

I don’t know the reputation of Duck Territory other than it looking like a fairly well-run college community site (most of which are often ahead of the news cycle thanks to their close ties to a given university), so take their word with a small grain of salt.

*For some jollies, check out handjob's Wikipedia page. It's rock solid.


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  1. and also, if they get a guy that actually knows how to run an offense, and a real d coordinator. wtf cares?
    everyone wants change, this is a giant change, and noone wants it…

  2. Can he tell time?
    If his players mail it in, will he actually call them out and hold them accountable or just cover for them?
    If his players care more about TD dances than TDs, will he get in their faces?
    If his d-backs jog after receivers and pussy-out on hits near the goal line, will he do ANYTHING? Or will he wait for a high-price free-agent’s 32nd game to bench him?
    Will he give the ball 9 times a game to his Pro-Bowl running back?
    Will he be able to call a running play on 3rd-and-1?

  3. I don’t like this one bit. I’d rather have an established NFL coordinator ready for the big chair like Mike McCoy, Greg Roman or Bruce Arians than some college flash in the pan like Chip Kelly. If Kelly, who has no NFL experience were to come here and flop like Steve Spurrier, that could set the team back a good five years.

  4. Chip Kelly’s offense is based off the run, not the puss. Do your research before you call him the next Andy Reid.

  5. I don’t want an established NFL bust.
    I want a college star or a hungry, up & coming coordinator – I want to see FIRE on the sidelines, not a fat fuck hiding behind a menu.
    I want a coach and QB who get angry when they lose. I want a fucking leader on defense,
    In the last 12 years, 11 different NFC teams have been to the Super Bowl, so having a NFC SuperBowl appearance on the resume – MEANS NOTHING.
    Hire Ray Lewis as linebackers coach, B Dawk as D-backs coach. Bring in the young, hot-blooded types.
    Get some heat back on this team.

  6. It’s not the hire that Eagles need…it’s the hire that the Eagles deserve. The fans, their punishment must be more severe…then they have my permission to die.

  7. Gotta love these young guys with no kids who pile on Reid for trying to keep an eye on his junky p.o.s. kid to most likely keep a bit of peace in his marriage, maybe give his wife a break. Karma is a bitch. Say what you want about the guy’s coaching ability, thats all fair game but wtf, can we leave his DEAD SON out of it.

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