Andrej Meszaros is Out About a Month (So That’s Great)

Yeah, so it's worse than a dislocated shoulder. Paul Holmgren via Anthony SanFilippo“He’s going to miss some time here,” general manager Paul Holmgren said. “Right now we’re hopeful it’s about a four-week rehabilitation of the injury. It’s a muscle injury in and around the [AC] joint and we just got to try to get it stronger and we believe he’s going to be out about a month.”



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  1. My Guess: He separated his shoulder and tore either his Labrum or Rotator cuff. IF that’s the case, he can strengthen the muscles around it and “limp” thru this shortened season, but will definitely require surgery in offseason.

  2. This is what happens when you play for an owner that buys you Mylec shoulder pads, just sayin…

  3. Can’t have 2 brothers on the team and I’m not talking about Luke and Brayden It a NHL rule

  4. I blame that pussy bitch Ed Snider for this injury. Does not care about player safety.
    And here I always thought Ed Murphy’s conspiracy theory was a joke & now I see what he’s talking about .

  5. These injuries are getting to be Atrocious! On several occasions I have mentioned to Mr. Snider about better protection for the players, and I am ignored at every pass. These totally preventable injuries to Mr. Rinaldo, Mr. Hartnell, and Mr. Meszaros are past the point of rediculous. I will be personally talking to HIGHER ups in the flyers organization to resolve this.

  6. Mr. Scott,
    I am specifically requesting that you prevent other forum members from utilizing my likeness. I am growing tired of people trying to make a mockery of my good name. I am getting tired of these same people trying to make a mockery of the constant rash of injuries sweeping the Philadelphia Flyers locker room. The Youth of America needs to grow up.
    Mr. MM and Mr. Chance,
    I am glad that you gentlemen have finally seen the light. I guess it took 3 significant injuries over the first four games to get my point across. It is an atrocity that this is allowed to continue. I am glad that you will now be joining my team on the front lines to put an end to this injustice.
    To the uninformed on this forum,
    What is it going to take for you to realize what Snider is doing to his players’ lives? If you look across the league, the vast majority of the players wear shoulder pads with padding very similar to an NFL player. These pads are thick, cushioned with hard, solid, heavy-duty quality material that is sanctioned by many Insurance agencies and equipment manufacturers. However, the shoulder pads that these Philadelphia Flyers athletes are REQUIRED to wear, is the complete opposite. Cheap, plastic, flimsy, clothe like material, which is no thicker than that of tissue paper. Trust me, I have obtained samples over the years. Mr. Meszaros’ shoulder will never be as strong as it was prior to this injury. Just watch, Snider will do the same thing he did to Hartnell. Replace Meszaros with a cheap alternative to make more money.
    I am writing a letter to the NHL this evening and based on their response, which I expect to be swift, will determine how we proceed. We might need to go back to hosting a rally at the next home game and getting thousands of signatures yet again. My children will not be watching any more Philadelphia Flyers games until the organization makes safety a priority. I will not allow them to witness more pain, suffering and potentially a loss of life.
    P.S. To those that have to be on the road this evening, please take extra precaution as the roads are becoming very icy. Please be careful and return home safely.

  7. @edward murphy,
    Your a fucking idiot. The flyers spend a ton of money on everything from players to fuckin confetti and you think they’d cheap out on pads? I really hope that just your shtick.

  8. Mez is a bigger loss than Hartnell arguably since their D is weak. Best 2-way Dman on the team.

  9. Eddie Murph,
    If you stage a protest, let me know the time and place. I’ve been wanting to sucker punch you since last season. Thanks.

  10. Meszaros is awful. He coughs up the puck every possession almost, not that big of a loss. We’ll be getting Briere back in 2 games, that’ll help aleviate the pain of losing Hartnell’s scoring, & obviously getting Knuble will help too.

  11. Yo Ed Murph,
    Fuck off & get off your high horse. I’m sure Mr. Snider is loling his ass off at u.

  12. I think you dumb fucks should start paying attention to Edward Murphy. Dude might be a little extreme but he makes good points. The Flyers always have more injuries than any other team in the league. Eddie Snider was busy counting his pennies while Mezzarus breaks his shoulder and may never play again.

  13. The racist shit on here is unnecessary. I’m for the Edward Murphy movement and will work on getting the black community behind him as well.

  14. Forum lackeys,
    I’m happy to see that I am not the only one concerned about player safety. To satisfy your quest for knowledge, my group and I have been protesting at both flyers home games. Unfortunately, this shortened season has not led to less injuries. We’ve seen Mr Rinaldo take a skate that my sources have told me came very close to castrating him. Mr Hartnell has sacrificed his foot, knowing full well that if he were wearing a skate made of brick, his foot would be fully functioning today. I’d imagine he’d be toe fucking Ms. Parveens fartbox as we speak. These senseless injuries must stop and I will be petitioning Mr Snyder to take a meeting as soon as possible.
    Mr. Scott,
    Please stop people from utilizing my likeness and potentially ruining my good name. Also, please stop the paperboy from throwing my newspaper into the bushes, and please stop the neighborhood kids from egging my Prius.
    Edward Murphy

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    Mr. Scott, i am a fag. I voted for Rick Santorum and I have no fucking clue about anything. I’m a conspiracy nut just like the champions who are exposing sandy hook as an Obama socialist takeover. Time for me to go douse myself in pepto Bismal and run naked through a mall with RHEA HUGHES duck tapped to me. Also, I would kindly request that people stop liking me to Eddie Murphy, I’m not as good of an actor as him and don’t want to insult him because his penis throbs for my wet abused asshole. Fuck you people

  16. That cheap fuckin vampire snider wants the cup so he can drink the blood of dego virgins from goretti, evil prick, i think he cut pelle’s break lines.

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    ps- this black guy with tattoos on his face ripped me off on a drug deal, this evening at Kensington & Somerset. mutha phucka!!!

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