Andrew Bynum Gives Hilarious Update on His Progress, Takes Swipe at Lakers

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 2.40.44 PMIf there is no struggle, there is no progress – Frederick Douglass

Andrew Bynum isn’t playing basketball yet, and his rehab updates continue to be just hilarious.

Bynum met with the media today to deliver the good news that he is progressing, on a goddamned treadmill, and will soon be able to… wait for it… run. He may soon be able to run on the treadmill.

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 2.45.20 PM

"Progression the treadmill, start running soon. [Basketball activities] coming real soon.”

“On the treadmill now… feelin’ pretty good. Doctor’s basically said that whatever’s going on with the cartilege is just going to grind itself up and I should be back out there.”


“No timeline…”


He says he hasn’t shot a basketball yet, but will do so in a couple days once he starts running, of course. He has had a lot of interaction with the guys, though– they play cards together, Bynum says.

Bynum took a swipe at his former team when asked about the Sixers big win in Los Angeles last week:

“That was big. Jrue played his butt off in his hometown and the Lakers continue to struggle.”



In other news, he apparently had the stones to make fun of RG III’s hair yesterday:

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 2.48.17 PM

Video of an enthused Bynum speaking to the media today after the jump.

Courtesy Calkins Media


8 Responses

  1. I am so done with Bynum, it isn’t funny. Calling him Jeff Ruland 2.0 is a damned insult….to Jeff Ruland who at least played for the Sixers. As things stand, I don’t think Bynum will ever take the court, and, frankly speaking, I no longer give a damn.
    The Sixers should just cut his ass today and save themselves the headaches of worrying whether to resign him next year. That would be an even worse mistake than the bloated deal they gave Iguodala all those years ago, and look how long it took to get rid of that albatross!

  2. I cant believe the dude hasnt even been shooting or practicing his shot at all. Like I get you cant run around but fuckn practice your shot it aint that hard you’ll even have a guy getting the rebounds and pssing it to you. WTF this dude is a fuckn joke. If you can walk around a mall you can shoot foul shots and work on that type of shit

  3. Funny thing is, if Bynum took the court today he’d probably be miles ahead of the likes of Hawes and Lavoy Allen. Talk about a pair of softies.

  4. Even if he never plays a game it’s still a good trade, at least iggys contract is off the books a year early. Not like they were going anywhere with him.

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