Andy Reid Can’t Manage His Personal Time Either

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Andy Reid’s time management problems have continued into unemployment. Big Red missed his flight to Arizona last night after meeting with the Chiefs, in Philadelphia, for nine hours, according to CSN’s Reuben Frank:

Reid said via text the meeting “went very well.”

Reid also said via text that his interview with the Cards, originally scheduled to begin later Wednesday, has been pushed back, either to Thursday or Friday.

Reid met Wednesday with Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, team president Mark Donovan and general manager Scott Pioli. Donovan spent the 2003 through 2008 seasons with the Eagles, serving as senior vice president of business operations. 


Reid reportedly threw a red challenge flag and tried to call a timeout to delay his US Airways departure to Phoenix… but, apparently, you can't do that.

As we told you yesterday, Chip Kelly may very well be the leading candidate for Reid’s old position – fat guy who runs an unconventional offense Eagles head coach – but the first team he’ll meet with is the Cleveland Browns, perhaps as early as Friday, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

The Browns' interview with Oregon offensive wizard Chip Kelly is expected to take place as early as Friday in Arizona, a league source told The Plain Dealer.

But Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner, who flew to Arizona on Tuesday to first interview Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton and then Kelly, know they have to move quickly.

That's because the Eagles — Banner's former team — and the Bills have also scheduled interviews with Kelly by the end of the weekend, according to Mike Garofolo of USA Today Sports. Kelly's fourth-ranked Ducks will play No. 5 Kansas State Thursday night in the Fiesta Bowl.


I haven’t decided yet if this is going to become one of the more fun stories to cover and read about, or an annoying, rumor-filled saga that drags on for entirely too long. Tracking the whereabouts of NFL mercenaries and executives on a daily basis could prove to be extraordinarily maddening. We’ll see. 

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12 Responses

  1. Dear Browns,
    Please don’t let Chip leave town without a contract. End the speculation that he & his gimmick offense will be coming here to Philly to infuriate us to no end once NFL defenses figure it out. Allow us to go after somebody who has at least a nanosecond of NFL experience. Thank you.
    Eagles fans

  2. Man, you are relentless on Andy. The man has moved on, so why don’t you? Does it indicate anywhere that he missed his flight? Sounds to me like he just had a meeting that went longer than expected and he had to delay his next interview. At least he has a real job and people want him to work for them. Why don’t you do some real work and find out more about the Eagles coaching candidates rather than waste your time and ours continually bashing Andy Reid?

  3. Is this really newsworhy? I cant believe I just wasted my time reading it. Why cant you just move the fuck on about andy? Or at least only post important things, instead of trying to make some funnies.

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