Andy Reid Opted Out of a Farewell Press Conference

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We’re still in that get irrationally angry about things that don’t matter anymore stage of the breakup.

The Eagles are, apparently, leaking nuggets (they should get that looked at…) to their favorite beat reporter, the Inquirer’s Jeff McLane. He reports that the team had a press conference scheduled for Reid on Monday, but between the time of being fired and 11 a.m., according to McLane, Reid opted out.

Reid hates the local media, lets be real clear about that, so it’s no surprise that he didn't want to face one last round of questions before leaving town. But at some point he'll talk. My guess? He gives an exclusive to either A) McLane, who is probably the most pro-state scriptual of worth, or, more likely, B) an ESPN personality– Sal Pal, Jaws, or similar. Reid has nothing to gain by pleasing Philly folks anymore, so him declining to speak isn't shocking. But I was a bit surprised that there wasn't a farewell press conference, of sorts. That’s not standard protocol… but neither is giving the guy you just fired a game ball.


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  1. Im glad he didn’t give one … them faggots that work for the Inquirer and Daily News are a bunch of hacks anyway. Seriously there is maybe 3 of them that are good at their jobs.

  2. Reid opted out when Jew-in-Chief, Lurie, told Reid he would not be catering the press conference.

  3. didn’t they film his firing/farewell to the team ? – how was that for invasion of privacy – “c’mon down Andy, we’re going to fire you in front of all the employees and players and we’re filming it to put on our website”
    “Ok now give a speech – oh by the way, we’ve assembled the media to pour more salt in the wound”
    Andy: “ugh, ehm, crr, a-hem FUCK YOU JEFF, you little know-nothing, momma’s boy who inherited all your money – you talk to the FUCKING media – you just fired the guy who put you on the map – you FUCKING little weasel. I’ll have a new job by Friday and be making more money to boot. As for the Philly media, FUCK those no-dick morons. They couldn’t wipe my fat ass. Time’s Yours MUTHA-FUCKAS !!!”

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