AUDIO: Howie Roseman Tells Eagles Head Coaching Candidates To “Call Andy Reid”

Howie Roseman agreed to a sit-down with Dave Spadaro of Wednesday. Some nuggets:

When asked what the feedback has been from head coaching candidates the Eagles have interviewed, Roseman, predictably, went salesman.

Less predictably, he went: "If You Don't Believe Me, Go Ask The Guy We Just Fired!"

Said Roseman (hit it here for audio):

"Well they know we have a great  owner. We have a great owner, who's going to support and give as much resources as possible to make sure we succeed. They know we have just supported a coach for 14 years, so we're built that way. This whole organization is built to support a head coach. All they gotta do is call Andy Reid and know that that's how we do."


That raises an interesting conversation: Would a candidate considering taking the gig really dial up Reid? Really. Would you? Sure, he knows the organization better than, truthfully, anyone inside the organization save for Jeffrey Lurie (we'll get to the turnover in a minute). But can Reid be expected to be impartial here? Doesn't Roseman so confidently saying he could be undermine his pitch?

Then comes this (hit it here for audio):

"We've developed family here. People who have been here for a long time, they've grown together, they see that sort of relationship, and so it's been a positive experience. I'm not saying we're the perfect franchise by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a great tribute to Jeffrey (Lurie) and what he's building here."


Here's the cleaning-house that followed Joe Banner's ouster as team president (June 7):

Juan Castillo (Oct. 16), defensive coordinator

Rob Zeiger (Nov. 21), senior VP of communications

Tim McDermott (Nov. 26), senior VP and chief marketing officer

Jason Babin (Nov. 27), gimmicky defensive end

Jim Washburn (Dec. 3), defensive line coach/resident pariah

Kinda sounds like a weekend with my family, too.

Now, maybe that's not the mopping that followed Indianapolis before the 2012 Draft. But that's a pretty thorough dusting of the company portrait, no? It's kind of like Tabasco sauce making "So Much More Than Hot" its slogan, knowing full-well that it's the foremost knock on their product. (Because it's true.)

Questionable salesmanship there.

Roseman ends with this, when asked whether the process has gone as expected (hit it here for audio):

"Jeffrey's been very adamant with us, that the key is getting the right guy. The key isn't getting the right guy as quickly as possible. So that's what we're gonna do."


Fingers crossed.


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  1. Can anyone please tell me what Roseman has ever done for the Eagles? One good thing he’s done?

  2. @IHateEverything
    Well, for one, he negotiated contracts that made Vick and Jackson all at once content but expendable.
    Win-win, no?

  3. I haven’t seen a face that punchable since Kyle Scott’s. Why do the Eagles insist on showing him down our throats? He is a little weasel and has no connection with the fan base. Unless you are Jewish of course because they tend to stick together.

  4. Horrendous, this makes me want to light a bag of shit on Novacare’s front steps. He can’t be that dumb/serious/inept?

  5. I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t a potential coach want Andy’s opinion, and isn’t it a good sign that no bridges have been burned?

  6. It is pretty obviois that the 2 Jews want to hire an assistant coach to save a buck

  7. Does he really insist on being called “Jeffrey”??? I literally do not know a Jeff or Geoff who is actually referred to in a conversation as Jeffery. #MyWifeHasVaricoseVains

  8. Didn’t Reid refer to the Eagles’ power structure as dysfunctional when asked about the 2010-11 drafts on that conference call the other day?

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