Bynum Spotting: Images of a Loon (Andrew Bynum Loads Beer into His Ferrari)

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Reader Nick sends along this photo, taken this week outside Beer Heaven on Delaware Ave., of Andrew Bynum loading “a case or two” of Corona into his Ferrari FF. 


Hey, here is Andrew Bynum at craft beer shop picking up a case or two of Corona heading to the Wells Fargo Center. Says he will be back in February. Also says he will sign with us! 


How many titties do you think Bynum is going to pour his craft beer over? 2? 10?! Some odd number that makes you stop and take pause??? The possibilities are endless. But hey, did you hear what he said? He plans on coming back and staying (!!!). Cool beans.

Snark aside, let me applaud Nick for that ballsy photo. Bynum is looking right at him. But Nick don’t care. He was not to be stopped. He spotted a loon and, by God, it was going to get on the interwebs. Good man.

While you’re in the mood, check out BuzzFeed’s post on the Bynum saga as told by increasingly strange and depressing headlines. My Twitter made it in there. So proud.

H/T to all-star CB reader Dom (@DominicPerilli), and CJ


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  1. No joke, I’ve seen Bynum 3 times at the South Philly Wine & Spirits (I live in the area) and never once thought to snap a pic. Because it’s creepy and pointless. Dude’s in his mid-twenties and enjoys drinking/entertaining. Relax.
    Also, Andrew, if you’re reading this there’s a beer distributor 200yds from there on Washington (Society Hill beverage) where they sell cases WAY cheaper than Beer Heaven. BH is only good for one-off weird beers and is pricey as shit. Not that it matters to you. Now I’m writing to him on a bolg he probably doesn’t read. God dammit, maybe I’m the creepy and pointless one.

  2. Roger aka Beer Jew – listen here. Bynum is going to net over 100+ million dollars once his career is over. He doesn’t give a shit if he saves $2 off a case of beer

  3. lol @ roger trying to save andrew 4 dollars off a case of beer that he is loading into he Ferrari

  4. if you read rogers comment, he stated “not that it matters to you.” for those readers who can’t really read that means saving money on beer really shouldn’t matter to you because you have so much money already. second off – are there people out that just follow bynum around just to take pictures and send it to cb???
    third – a life lesson, every dollar counts, no matter who you are. some one once said a penny saved is a penny earned

  5. Thats at columbus and washington. The sign on the left is Pho Saigon. The best Pho in Philly. Do it.

  6. What I can’t understand is why anyone would waste time taking pictures of Bynum, the most meaningless athlete in Philadelphia today. Nothing personal, Nick, but I would’ve laughed my ass off if you caught Bynum in a bad mood and he beat you to within an inch of your life.

  7. If Bill Gates is grabbing a bottle of Fanta from the vending machine at MSFT and the machine spits out two bottles in error, is he reallllly excited for like .2 seconds?
    Of course!

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